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A student enrolled in a course in which he /she is in good academic standing ("C" or higher) and is making satisfactory progress,
but because of circumstances beyond the student's control cannot complete the course, may request an "I" grade. The student must
have been attending classes on a regular basis. The student must initiate the request and both the instructor and student must sign
the Incomplete Grade Contract Form. These forms are available from the instructor. The contract will contain the reason for
requesting the "I" grade, an outline of the work that is to be completed and the deadline by which the work is to be completed.
Unless otherwise stated, work must be completed and the "I" grade converted to a letter grade no later than the last day to
withdraw from a class with the grade of "W" (as stated on the Academic Calendar) the semester following the semester the "I"
grade was earned. If the "I" grade is not removed, it automatically becomes an "F". Exceptions to this deadline must be approved
by the appropriate Dean/Campus Director.”
Deadline to turn this completed form with ALL required signatures is the same as the deadline for grades due for the current term.
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