Students are representatives of Louisiana College, the Louisiana College Social Work Program,
and the profession of Social Work and as such will be held to a high standard of accountability.
All students in the Louisiana College Social Work Program are expected to abide by the NASW
Code of Ethics, the Louisiana College Student Handbook, and the Louisiana Social Work Practice
Act. Each student is also expected to abide by the rules and regulations of their field practicum
agencies as well as dressing in an appropriate and professional manner. Students of this program
are expected to demonstrate ethical and professional behavior. Failure of the student to comply
with the above criteria can result in a grade of F in the field practicum experience.
I, _________________________________________, agree to:
Abide by NASW Code of Ethics
Abide by LC Student Handbook conduct guidelines, the LC Social Work Program
Handbook and LC Social Work Program Field Manual
Punctuality to field agency and to follow all rules, regulations, and protocol of
placement agency
Provide and maintain health and student liability insurance coverage
Be responsible for personal transportation to and from field placement
My signature below signifies I have read and agree to the above guidelines and fully understand
a violation in any way could lead to the grade of ‘Failing” of Field practicum.
______________________________________ ________
Student Signature Date
I agree that I have received a copy of the Louisiana College Social Work Field Practicum Manual
for the current semester placement. I submit that I have read its contents and have been given
time to ask questions and have information clarified. I agree to abide by its policies and
______________________________________ _________
Student Signature Date
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