he information is to be filled out to the best of your knowledge with the most detail possible to allow for an in-
depth and decisive decision on your monetary request. We will take into account all previous work and
fundraising; also purpose, need, and validity of your request will be considered.
Part 1 - Basic Information on You and your Organization
Organization Name:
President of Club:
Number of Active members on roster:
Any Previous funds received from SGA this year:
Contact name & number:
Part 2 - Project Basics
Requested amount:
Event Title/Purpose :
Target group to help/support if there is one:
Part 3 - Monetary Breakdown
lease list all necessities in the space provided along with prices and locations of projected purchase
Location of Projected Purchase
*If additional room is needed please continue chart and attach neatly to this form.
Part 4 - Details on the Plans/Usage of Funds requested
Purpose for funds:
1. Details on the necessity for the monetary request:
2. How will this benefit your club?
3. How will this benefit you personally?
4. How will this benefit others?
5. Previous fundraising for your organization:
6. Planned fundraising before the event being planned:
Part 5 - Documentation
Please attach, if you have them or if it's necessary for your proposal
Notes on pricing
Quotes for pricing
Plans for your event and use of funds
Additional materials sheet
*We suggest you fill out as much information as possible. If information we find necessary is left out from the
form it could push back your date by a week's time*
**Upon completion of this form please attach all necessary documents and turn in to the SGA MAILBOX 1 by the
Wednesday before the request date. NOTE: ALL SGA MEETINGS ARE ON MONDAY
Follow Up
This page is a follow to the outcome of events dealing with the assets given to you previously by SGA. We ask that
you fill this out and return with it ASAP to one of our meetings for a short overview of how our funds were able to
help you.
We are anxious to hear about the outcome of your project. It is our hope that an even stronger impact than you
could have imagined was made. We hope that you grew as an individual and as a group.
Organization Name:
Event Title/Date:
Approximate # in attendance:
1. Please give a brief summary of your event:
2. How did this impact you and or your organization?
3. Did you reach the goals that you had starting out?
4. What, if anything, would you do to change the event to make it better? Why?
5. How could you have planned better and made your event run more smoothly? (if applicable)
Thank you for taking the time to share with us. We are here for you and we love hearing how you are making a
difference on campus and in the lives of others. We hope that you took this as a learning opportunity and will
grow from it. Thanks and God Bless.