Free Speech Areas and Campus Access at Los Angeles Southwest College
I. Background
Education Code Section 76120 requires the Board of Trustees to adopt
rules and regulations relating to the exercise of free expression by students
upon the premises of each Community College campus. This section requires
that these rules and regulations include provisions for the time, place, and
manner for conducting free speech activities. The Board of Trustees has
delegated to the Chancellor the responsibility for developing and
implementing the required free speech rules and regulations on each LACCD
The Chancellor, or his/her designee, shall work with each College
President to identify campus areas available for student expressive activity
and to develop the required time, place and manner regulations applicable to
the exercise of free expression by students. In addition, the College
President at each College shall identify a portion of his/her college campus
as a Free Speech Area(s), and develop appropriate regulations to govern the
use of such area(s). The identified Free Speech Area(s) is/are areas
available to all persons for First Amendment activities, including the
distribution of free literature or materials, and obtaining petition signatures.
The purpose of these regulations is to foster free speech, assembly,
and other expressive activities, while addressing the need of each
Community College campus to make necessary arrangements to
assure that such activities do not interfere with the College’s mission and
operations or with the rights of others. Accordingly, these regulations are
intended to facilitate peaceable assembly, the expression of ideas and
opinions, and the distribution of materials, while ensuring the safe, orderly
and peaceful flow of College business and activities.
Each campus shall have copies of this Administrative Regulation,
copies of the campus time, place and manner regulation, and copies of the
campus map identifying the FSA(s) and areas available for student
expressive activity on hand at all times. Copies of this Administrative
Regulation, the campus map, and the campus regulation shall be provided to
persons seeking to use these areas.
II. Accessing the Free Speech Area(s)
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The location of the Free Speech Area(s) on each College campus is/are
identified on the College’s campus map. The Office of Student Services, or
similar office, is also identified on the campus map. A copy of the campus
map is available online on each College’s website.
Any visitor (defined as any persons unaffiliated with LACCD) seeking
access to a College’s Free Speech Area(s) shall first report his/her/their
presence to the Office of Student Services, or similar office, identified on the
campus map. The visitor or organization representative shall be provided:
1) a copy of this Administrative Regulation; 2) a copy of the campus time,
place, and manner regulation; and 3) a copy of the campus map. The visitor
or organization representative shall be asked to complete the attached
Voluntary Acknowledgement Form.” Representatives of organizations will
also be asked to identify the organization and indicate the number of
persons expected to visit the Free Speech Area(s).
Completing the “Voluntary Acknowledgement Form” is
completely voluntary. No person or organization will be denied
access to the FSA(s) for refusing to complete the “Voluntary
Acknowledgement Form.” The form is not a permit to use a Free
Speech Area. The information provided on the form will be used to
document your presence on campus, assess the need for security,
and address capacity issues and overcrowding.
The Los Angeles Community College District does not discriminate on the
basis of disability in the admissions or access to, or treatment of or
employment in, its programs or activities. Requests for alternate formats
can be made by contacting the Office of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, 770
Wilshire Boulevard, Los Angeles, CA 90017, Tel: (213) 891-2315, Fax: (213)
891-2295, and email:
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Los Angeles Community College District
Free Speech Area
Voluntary Acknowledgement Form
Name of Individual/Organization:
Organization Contact Person:
Date/Timeframe of Requested Use: Date: Time: to
If organization, number of persons:
Any person requesting the use of a Free Speech Area(s) does so in
accordance with all applicable California law and Los Angeles Community
College campus rules and regulations.
As an individual, and/or on behalf of the group that I represent, I/we hereby
agree to abide by all applicable California law and Los Angeles Community
College campus rules and regulations pertaining to the use of the Free
Speech Area(s) to which I am/(we are) seeking access.
Signature Date
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Los Angeles Southwest College
Free Speech Area
Time, Place, and Manner Regulation
The Los Angeles Soutwest College Free Speech Area(s) is/are
identified on the attached campus map.
The use of the campus Free Speech Area(s) is subject to the following
1. Time:
The Free Speech Area(s) is/are open from 8:30 am to 8:00 pm,
Monday through Friday. If deemed necessary, the College
President, or designee, may impose additional reasonable time
limits in order to ensure equal access to all wishing to use the Free
Speech Area(s).
2. Place:
The Free Speech Area(s) is/are the space(s) identified on the
attached campus map. The College President, or designee, may
expand or relocate the Free Speech Area(s), or may open additional
temporary space(s), as he/she may deem necessary.
3. Manner:
There are no restrictions on the subject matter or viewpoint
that may be expressed by users.
Persons using the Free Speech Area(s) shall not:
o Use any means of amplification.
o Physically touch, strike, batter, or assault any person
o Impede the progress of passersby
o Undertake any activity that substantially disrupts the
orderly operation, or substantially interferes with the
education activities, of the College
o Use speech or expression which is obscene according to
current legal standards
o Engage in illegal activities or activities which violate
LACCD or campus rules
o Solicit donations of money or solicit or conduct any sale
or business of any kind, except as otherwise provided in
any applicable Board Rules or administrative
All persons who distribute materials, such as circulars, leaflets,
petitions, and other printed matter shall not litter. All persons
are encouraged to remove or properly discard any materials
that were not removed or discarded in an appropriate
receptacle in or around the areas used for expressive activities
prior to their departure from the College that day.
All persons who wish to use a table or place any large object in
the Free Speech Zone, must obtain permission from the
Student Services Office in the Student Services Building, Room
209, only to ensure that the placement of the table or large
object will not obstruct the area's use.
The Student Services Office in the Student Services Building,
Room 209, should be notified at least five (5) business days in
advance if the expressive activities are anticipated to require
security, impede pedestrian traffic, pose a substantial risk of
disrupting the functioning of the College, or draw a crowd of at
least fifty (50) people. Prior notice is requested to ensure:
there is sufficient space for the large group event, the large
group event does not conflict with any other scheduled use of
the space, there are sufficient resources available for crowd
control and security, and there is continued access to the area.
If such advance notice is not feasible because of circumstances
that could not be reasonably anticipated, such as because of
very recent or still-unfolding news developments, the person or
group should provide the Student Services Office with as much
advance notice as circumstances reasonably permit.
No unauthorized vehicles are allowed in the Free Speech Zone.
1600 West Imperial Highway
Los Angeles, CA 90047
(323) 241-5420
P1 Annex Visitor
P2 Staff
P3 General
P4 General
P5 Sheriff
P6 Staff
P7 Staff
P8 General
P9 CDC Visitor
P10 General
P11 FMO Staff
P12 General
SHERIFF (323) 241-5311
Student Services Building (SSB)
College Store
School of Career & Technical Education (SoCTE)
Odessa Cox Building & Library
Cox Annex
Little Theatre
Student Services Education Center (SSEC)
Technical Education Center (TEC)
School of Science (SOS)
Thomas Lakin Fitness & Wellness Center (LFWC)
Swimming Pool
Academic Village – Bright Star School (AV)
Middle College High School
Child Development Center (CDC)
Athletic Field House
Cougar Stadium
Baseball Field
Campus Sheriff’s Station
Central Plant
Maintenance & Operations (M&O)
East Pump House
West Campus
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