======================= This section to be completed by the student =======================
__________________________________ is requesting relief from penalties associated with not fulfilling the Letter of Intent signed with
Name of LOI Signee
_________________________________________ in the sport of _____________________ for the ____________ academic year.
Signing Institution Sport Year on LOI
In the event I do not attend my LOI Institution for the academic year noted above, I understand that I am automatically disqualified from
receiving an Athletic Financial Award from any other U SPORTS member institution for the same academic year.
Signed __________________________________________________ Date ________________________________
Student Date that this form is signed
Signed __________________________________________________ Date ________________________________
Parent or Legal Guardian Signature if student is under 18 Date that this form is signed
=======================This section to be completed by the institution ======================
The Director of Athletics must mark one of the options below, sign and simultaneously submit a copy of this form to both the student
and the U SPORTS Office. This request form must be replied to within 10 clear days from the date the form is received from the
_________ Complete Release
A Complete Release permits the above-named student to attend any U SPORTS member institution without being subject to the LOI
Penalty. It releases both the institution and the student from any further LOI obligations. Additionally, the LOI Recruiting Restrictions
are no longer in effect, allowing the student to be recruited by other U SPORTS member institutions.
_________ No Release
Selecting the No Release option keeps the Letter of Intent in tact, thereby subjecting the student to the LOI Penalty. In this situation,
the student may appeal to the U SPORTS Eligibility Committee for a release. In that event, the institution will be required to provide
documentation supporting its decision to the U SPORTS office.
Signed __________________________________________________ Date ________________________________
Director of Athletics (NOT A DESIGNEE) Date that this form is signed
Please note, when providing a copy of this response to the U SPORTS Office, please use the following coordinates:
U SPORTS E-Mail: thahto@usports.ca