Note 1:
Includes student Faculty, major, degree type and program length (bachelor degree (Ord.) is a 90-credit (three-year) program; Honours degree
(any degree with an Hons. Designation is a minimum 120-credit (four-year) program).
Note 2:
Year Equivalents
Year 1 = fewer than 24 credits completed
Year 2 = 24 - 53 credits completed
Year 3 = 54 - 83 credits completed
Year 4 = greater than 84 credits completed
Education courses taken by students co-registered in the Faculty of Education are not included towards the year-level equivalent requirements of the
degree program.
Note 3:
Enrolment in 17 or fewer credits is considered part-time studies. Enrolment in 18 or more credits is considered full-time studies.
Verification of Enrolment
Student's Name
Student ID Number
Program of Study (see note 1)
Current Academic Session
Student's Address
Country of Academic Institution
Number of Degree Credits Successfully Completed (see note 2)
Academic Year Start and End Dates
Current Enrolment, in credits (see note 3)
Apt. no. – Street no. Street name
P.O. Box, R.R.
Province or territory(or country, if outside Canada)
Postal Code
The enrolment information contained in this letter for the student named below is correct as of:
Name of Designated Official
Signature of Designated Official