Permits and Inspections - Civil Inspections
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REVISED 08/17/2017
PERMITTEE: ________________________ ADDENDUM TO PERMIT #: ________________________
LOCATION: _____________________________________________________________________________
1. Zoning District Preservation P1, Zoning approval will be required.
2. A $ _____________ Bond has been posted as per Civil Inspector.
3. Timber Deed OR Contract needed. Owners name: ______________________________________
4. A pre-construction meeting is required. Call 385-4558, 48 hours before starting work.
5. Two “Trucks Entering Highway” signs – diamond shape, orange with black letters, high
intensity/reflectorized signs to be mounted on 4 x 4, no less than 84” from the bottom of the sign to
the ground at opposite ends of job entrance per direction of the Civil Inspector.
48” x 48” signs may be utilized @ the direction of the Civil Inspector.
36” x 36” signs may be utilized @ the direction of the Civil Inspector.
Signs to be installed 10 times the distance of the posted speed, and/or at the direction of the Civil
6. Two (2) flag men will be required per direction of the Civil Inspector.
7. Temporary/Construction entrance to be determined by the Civil Inspector. _____ inch reinforced
concrete pipe required, with positive drainage flow.
8. Broom tractor and dust control will be required as needed to maintain streets as directed by the Civil
9. No trucks or equipment may enter or exit a work location 2 hours after sunrise to 2 hours before sunset.
10. A 10 mph below posted speed limits will be maintained at all times.
11. No equipment or vehicles are to block, restrict, or back across any lanes of traffic or sidewalk without an
approved traffic control plan, contact traffic engineering at 385-4131.
12. Erosion & Sediment control will be required at the direction of the Civil Inspector.
13. Right-of-Way and/or Ditches (on or off site) to be restored to original condition. Seed, grade, and
stabilize. (If ditch is to be piped, pipe to be removed and ditch to be restored as stated.)
14. Have Traffic Control Plan approved by Traffic Engineering.
15. Any combination of load and truck over 65” in length. 8’6” in width, 13’6” in height, requires per the
City of Virginia Beach a separate Moving & Hauling permit.
The Permittee agrees to all the above and any other directives by the Civil Inspector in the field as needed for the
safety of the public.
________________________________ ______________________________________________
PERMITTEE Department of Planning/Civil Inspections
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