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Evergreen Valley
Applicants must provide a verification of funds necessary to pay for their academic and living expenses. The approximate
cost for one year at Evergreen Valley College is $22,000. Current proof of funding must be in the form of a bank verification
letter or bank statement with official signature/seal. If English language is not included in the statement, then the form
shown at the bottom of this letter should be used and properly signed/sealed by the bank. All bank verification must be
dated WITHIN SIX MONTHS of application date. If information is unclear, additional proof may be required.
Name of Student/Applicant: _____________________________________________________________________
Sponsor Name (Please print): ___________________________________________________________________
Relation to the Student/Applicant: ________________________________________________________________
Sponsor Address: ________________________________________________________________
Street City
Phone Number (include county code)
I guarantee that the funds shown below or in the attached bank statement (please underline whichever applies to your situation)
will be available for the above named student for the duration of the student’s enrollment at Evergreen Valley College or for a minimum
of three years, whichever is longer.
Sponsor’s Signature Date
This is to verify that Mr/Ms ___________________________________________(sponsor for above named student)
has ___
__________________U.S. dollars on deposit at this bank.
Name of Ba
nk: ______________________________________________________________________________
Bank Add
ress: ______________________________________________________________________________
Bank Pho
ne Number: ___________________________________________________
Signature of Bank Official Date
Name of Bank Official:___________________________________________________
Title of Bank Official: ____________________________________________________
Bank Seal
International Programs & Services Office
Tel: 001.408. 223.6740
Fax: 001.408.223.9351
Evergreen Valley College
3095 Yerba Buena Road,
San Jose, CA 95135
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