These enquiries are asked on behalf of buyers. The Seller should only respond to these enquiries if they are the
Landlord, the Management Company, the Managing Agent or the Residents' or Tenants' Association or are
representing any of them.
Ground Rent The rent payable to the landlord by the lessee as required by the
HMO A House in Multiple Occupation as defined by section 257 of the
Housing Act 2004.
Landlord The person or company which has granted a lease over the Property
to the owner of the Property.
Lessees The owners of properties in the Managed Area.
Managed Area The properties including the building containing the Property, together
with any land, managed by or on behalf of the Landlord under the terms
of the lease. Managed Areas are sometimes also called common parts.
Management A management company referred to in the lease, or a Right to
Company Manage Company created under the Commonhold & Leasehold
Reform Act 2002, to provide services and administer the terms of the
lease either directly or through managing agents.
Managing Agent A person or organisation which acts on behalf of the landlord,
management company or Right to Manage Company [within
their terms of reference, subject to any legal restrictions].
Property The property known by the above address, including any land and
outbuildings leased to the Seller.
Reserve Fund A fund collected from the Lessees which allows the build-up of monies
to pay for repairs and the replacement of major items (such as lifts) or to
equalise cyclical expenditure (such as external decoration), avoiding
excessive peaks in the Service Charge. Reference to Reserve Fund
includes any sinking fund or replacement fund.
Residents’/Tenants’ A group of some or all of the Lessees with or without a formal
Association constitution or corporate status, or a recognised residents association
which is 'recognised' by law and with a formal constitution.
Right to Manage Company A company owned by the Lessees that manages the Managed Areas
on behalf of the Landlord or Management Company, within their terms
of reference, subject to any limitations.
Service Charge The amount payable by a lessee as a contribution to the costs of
services, repairs, maintenance, insurance, improvements or costs of
management etc. as set out in the lease. The amount payable may vary
according to the costs incurred or to be incurred.
Section 20 Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985, which requires
the Landlord or Managing Agents to consult with the Lessees about
certain proposed works.
Second Edition 2015Page 1
Please complete the information requested. It is important that the incoming lessee is fully aware of their obligations
so the information given must be as accurate as possible. If there is insufficient space, continue on a separate sheet.
Complete the details for the relevant parties or cross
through if not applicable. If there are more parties
involved, provide details on a separate sheet.
1.1 Landlord 1.2 Management Company
Name Name
Address Address
Telephone Telephone
Email Email
1.3 Managing Agent 1.4 Residents'/Tenants' Association
Name Name
Address Address
Telephone Telephone
Email Email
Management Company
Landlord Other
1.5 Who accepts service of the Notice of Assignment & Landlord
Management Company
Tick the box beside each party and state the total
fee including VAT for notice of assignment and charge.
Managing Agent
Other £
If other, provide contact details for service:
Capacity (e.g. Landlord's lawyer)
1.6 Who collects the Ground Rent?
Management CompanyLandlord Managing Agent N/A
1.7 Who collects the Service Charges?
Management CompanyLandlord Managing Agent N/A
Page 2 Second Edition 2015
1.8 Who collects the building insurance premiums?
Management Company
Landlord Managing Agent N/A
1.9 Who deals with the day to day maintenance of the building?
Landlord Management Company Managing Agent the Lessees
1.10 Who deals with the day to day maintenance of the Managed Area?
Landlord Management Company Managing Agent the Lessees N/A
1.11 Who organises and administers the buildings insurance?
Landlord Management Company Managing Agent the Lessees N/A
2.1 Is a Deed of Covenant required? Yes No Not Known
2.1.1 If Yes, confirm the costs applicable to the Deed £
including VAT
2.2 Is a Licence to Assign required? Yes No
2.3 If Yes, specify requirements e.g. references, and
any costs applicable to the Licence:
2.4 Are you aware of consent having been given to any Yes No
alterations or additions to the Property?
2.4.1 If Yes, provide details and copies of any consent:
2.5 Is the incoming Lessee required to take a share in, or Yes No N/A
become a member of, the Management Company?
2.5.1 If Yes, provide details of the procedure and fees:
2.6 What is the procedure and cost for obtaining a
certificate in accordance with a restriction in the
Proprietorship Register at the Land Registry, if
3.1 What is the annual Ground Rent payable for the £
3.2 Is the Ground Rent paid up to date? Yes No
3.2.1 If No, supply details of the arrears:
Page 3 Second Edition 2015
3.3 What period is covered by the last demand? From: / / To: / /
4.1 How many properties contribute toward the
maintenance of the Managed Area?
4.1.1 What is the current annual Service Charge for the £
4.2 Is the Service Charge paid up to date for the Property? Yes No
4.2.1 If No, supply details of the arrears:
4.3 Is any excess payment anticipated for the Property at the Yes No
end of the financial year?
4.3.1 If Yes, provide details:
4.4 What period is covered by the last demand? From: / / To: / /
4.5 In the last 12 months, has any inability to collect
payments, from any party, affected (or is it likely to Yes No
affect), the maintenance of the Managed Area?
4.5.1 If Yes, provide details:
4.6 Does a Reserve Fund apply to the Managed Area? Yes No
4.6.1 If Yes, confirm the amount collected from Lessees £
of the Property, currently held in the Reserve Fund:
4.6.2 Is the amount expected to be sufficient to cover the Yes No
known Section 20 expenditure?
4.6.3 If No, supply details:
4.7 Confirm the date when the Managed Areas were last Internally Date: / / To: / /
decorated, internally and externally.
Externally Date: / / To: / /
4.8 Within the next 2 years, are any Section 20 completed but unpaid
works proposed to the Property?
4.8.1 If so, provide details of the works and the contribution
anticipated from the Lessee:
4.9 Is any increase in the Service Charge over 10% or £100, Yes No
whichever is the greater, anticipated in the next 2 years?
Page 4 Second Edition 2015
4.9.1 If Yes, provide details:
4.10 Are there any outstanding Service Charge consultation Yes No
4.10.1 If Yes, provide details:
4.11 Are the Managed Areas known to be affected by Yes No
Japanese knotweed?
4.11.1 If Yes, provide details and a copy of any Japanese
knotweed management plan in place.
4.12 Are there any: Yes No
-transfer fees,
-deferred service charges or
-similar fees
expressed as a percentage of the Property's value payable
on an event such as resale or subletting?
4.12.1 If Yes, provide details:
5.1 Are the buildings insurance premium contributions paid up Yes No
to date for the Managed Areas including the Property?
5.1.1 If No, provide details of the arrears:
5.2 What period is covered by the last demand? From: / / To: / /
5.3 Has the premium been paid in full? Yes No
5.3.1 If No, provide details:
5.4 Have any claims been made against the policy during Yes No Not Known
the last 3 years?
5.4.1 If Yes, provide details:
5.5 Are any claims anticipated? Yes No
5.5.1 If Yes, provide details:
5.6 Are the Managed Areas covered by the policy? Yes No
5.6.1 (i) Has a fire risk assessment been completed? Yes No No common
(ii) Have any works recommended been carried out? Yes No N/A
5.6.2 If No to either of the above, has the insurer been made Yes No
aware of this and accepted the position?
Page 5 Second Edition 2015
5.7 Please confirm the date of the last buildings reinstatement / /
cost assessment.
5.8 Is the insurance premium included in the service charge Yes No
5.8.1 If No, confirm the annual amount payable for the Property: £
6.1 Are there any on-going forfeiture proceedings in relation Yes No
to the Property?
6.2 Are there any documented unresolved disputes with the Yes No
Lessees of any of the properties in the Managed Area?
6.2.1 If Yes, to the extent permitted by the Data Protection Act
1998, please supply details:
6.3 Have any steps been taken by anyone to enfranchise, Yes No
Not Known
exercise the right to manage, form a right to enfranchise
or management company, extend the term of the lease of
the Property or anything similar?
6.3.1 If Yes, provide details and copies of relevant
6.4 Are you aware of any breach of the terms of the lease of Yes No
this Property?
6.4.1 If Yes, provide details:
7.1 How many other properties are there in the Managed
7.2 Are they all leased on leases with similar terms? Yes No Not Known
7.2.1 If No, provide details:
7.3 Is the building in which the Property is situated known to Yes No Not Known
be an HMO?
7.3.1 If Yes, confirm that regulations applicable to section
257 Housing Act 2004 HMOs have been complied with:
Please provide the following applicable documents:-
8.1 The last 3 years published Service Charge accounts: Enclosed To follow N/A
8.2 Buildings insurance policy and schedule: Enclosed To follow N/A
8.3 Buildings insurance policy and schedule for the Managed Enclosed To follow N/A
Page 6 Second Edition 2015
8.4 Service charge estimate for the current year and Enclosed To follow N/A
details of the anticipated payments on account for the
8.5 Service charge estimate for the previous year Enclosed To follow N/A
for which accounts have not yet been prepared for the
8.6 Copies of any notices served on the Lessees under Enclosed To follow N/A
Section 20 in respect of any proposed works or any works
which have not yet been paid for:
8.7 Documentation relating to any forfeiture Enclosed To follow N/A
proceedings applicable to the Property:
8.8 Any additional regulations or rules affecting the Enclosed To follow N/A
Property which are not contained in the lease:
8.9 Any Deeds of Variation or other document Enclosed To follow
varying the terms of the lease of this Property:
Landlord's lawyer provides
Please supply draft N/A
8.10 Any required Deed of Covenant: Enclosed To follow
Landlord's lawyer provides
Please supply draft N/A
8.11 Any Certificate of Compliance: Enclosed To follow
Landlord's lawyer provides
Please supply draft N/A
8.12 Any required Licence to Assign: Enclosed To follow
Landlord's lawyer provides
Please supply draft N/A
8.13 Copy of any permission to alter the Property which has Enclosed To follow N/A
been issued:
8.14 Copy of any known notices served on the Enclosed To follow N/A
Lessee and documentation arising from them:
8.15 Asbestos Survey for parts of the Managed Area built or Enclosed To follow N/A
converted before 2001:
8.16 Fire Risk Assessment for the Managed Area: Enclosed To follow N/A
8.17 Memorandum and Articles of Association of the Enclosed To follow N/A
Management Company:
8.18 Minutes of the last AGM for the Management Enclosed To follow N/A
Page 7 Second Edition 2015
Signed Dated
Please tick as applicable below, to confirm the capacity in
which the answers are given.
Print Name:
Managing Agent Management Company
Landlord Residents' Association
Additional enquiries. Raise only those specific additional enquiries required to clarify issues arising out of the
documents submitted or which are relevant to the management of the Property or which the buyer has expressly
requested. Resist raising any general additional enquiries that can be established by the buyer's own enquiries,
survey or personal inspection.
Whilst care has been taken in the preparation of this form, no legal liability is accepted by the organisations
which created the form. This disclaimer does not affect the legal responsibilities of the person, or organisation,
completing this form to answer to the best of their knowledge and ability. If you have any queries you should
discuss these with your conveyancer or solicitor.
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