Revised 7/30/2020
Please complete this checklist before depositing test at the LRCL. A checklist form
needs to be completed with each test. All student(s) taking a test must check-in at the
LRCL’s check-in computer or show proper ID.
Testing hours: Monday-Thursday: 8:00 AM-4:00 PM
Friday-8:00 AM-2:00 PM
I do want students to be able to use their texts/notes.
I do not want students to be able to use their texts/notes.
Students may use computers in the LRCL to complete this test.
Students may look at graded tests but must return them to the file.
Students may take graded tests home.
Students will need to show ID to take this test.
Special instructions for this test:
Test will be proctored in the LRCL or the library. Finished test will be placed in
instructor’s folder in the locked file cabinet. Students may serve as test couriers for
faculty only if this sheet has a note from the instructor. You may complete by submitting
a class roster or putting students name on test. All untaken tests will be returned by inter-
office mail on the last day of exams.
I will pick up test.
Return test by email
Return test by inter-office mail.
Return test by inter-office mail if student does not take test by _____________
Name of Instructor: _____________________________ Office #: ________________
Class (ex. Bus.110): ________________________ Ph.: ________________
Date: _____________________________