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Hereinafter referred to as the “Utility”
Failure to do so may delay processing of the application.
ame: _________________________________________________ Account No: ______________________________
ocial Security No: _______________________________________ Property Owner OR Rent/Lease
Drivers License No._________________________ State: ________ Date of Birth: ______________________________
ervice Address: _________________________________________ Closing/Start Date: _________________________
Date of Application: ________________________
illing Address: _________________________________________ Telephone No: Home: _______________________
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ame: _________________________________________________ Date of Birth: _____________________________
ocial Security No: _______________________________________ Telephone No: Home: ______________________
rivers License No. _________________________ State: ________ Work: ______________________
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Type of Service:
Water Wastewater Water and Wastewater
Pursuant to 5 U.S.C. 552a(e)(3), as a part of the application for either water or wastewater service with Utility, you are
required to provide your social security number. It is not mandatory that you provide this information, however it is useful for
account verification purposes. When you call to speak with someone regarding your account, you will be asked to provide the last
four digits of your social security number to confirm you are the account holder. Should you refuse to provide this information,
Utility may not be able to process your application for water or wastewater service.
The undersigned (hereinafter referred to as “Applicant”) hereby makes application for water and/or wastewater service at the
above Service Address (“Premises”) and agrees to pay for said services at the applicable rate, based on water consumption as
measured by the Utility’s water meter. The Co-Applicant as indicated above is another designated person the Applicant may choose
to appoint on the application for receiving account information and any records of the account in the absence of the Applicant.
he Applicant acknowledges that Utility has a perpetual easement in, over, under, upon, and across the above described
land, and with such easement the right to erect, install, lay, use, inspect, operate, construct, reconstruct, maintain, and repair any
service lines, and to perform any such other activities as may be necessary in connection with furnishing water and/or wastewater
service to the Applicant, and to have free access to the premises of the Applicant for the purpose of installing, inspecting, reading,
repairing and/or removing property, including water and/or wastewater infrastructure, of the Utility. Applicant further understands
Revised 2/16
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
LCWSD Fax Number – (803) 285-9574
that the Utility shall have all of the rights set forth above even if Applicant’s water and/or wastewater service has been disconnected
at the time the employee, agent, or assignee of Utility accesses Applicant’s property. Should Utility require of Applicant a recordable
easement, Applicant promises to execute such an instrument upon presentation thereof by Utility, failing which execution Applicant
understands Utility may terminate or discontinue utility service to Applicant’s property.
he Applicant agrees that all meters, pipes, regulators, and any kind of water and/or wastewater infrastructure placed on the
Premises by the Utility shall not constitute a part of or an accession to the real estate but shall remain personal property, title to which
shall remain in the Utility. Applicant further agrees to keep in repair all appliances and piping on said Premises related to the
furnishing of water and/or wastewater service to the Premises (other than meters maintained by the Utility) and to report immediately
to the Utility any leaks discovered with respect thereto.
he Utility shall have the right and privilege to connect the service lines of any other applicant to the service lines serving
the Applicant which are located on the Premises and to thereby extend water and/or wastewater service to the adjoining or nearby
property so long as such extension does not adversely affect service which Utility renders to the Applicant.
he Utility shall have the right, but not the obligation, to inspect any water and/or wastewater system installation, either
before the Utility commences water and/or wastewater service to the Premises, or at any such later time as the Utility may deem
necessary or appropriate. The Utility further reserves the right to reject any piping or appliances related to the furnishing of water
and/or wastewater service which are not in accordance with any official code, or with the Utility’s standards; provided, however, that
any inspection or failure to inspect by the Utility shall not be regarded as an indemnity against defects in installation, piping, or
appliances and shall not render the Utility liable or responsible for any loss or damage resulting from defects in installation, piping or
appliances, or from any violation of any applicable federal, state, or local code(s) or from accidents or occurrences which might occur
upon the Premises.
If the Applicant is not the owner of the Premises when purchasing a new connection, the Applicant must obtain written
consent from the owner of the Premises with respect to the furnishing of water and/or wastewater service thereto by Utility. Applicant
must also sign this Contract, thereby assuming responsibility hereunder to the Utility.
he Applicant shall not connect or attempt to connect any dwelling or residence to the Utility’s water and/or wastewater
system, other than the dwelling or residence to be served by Utility pursuant to this Contract.
he Utility shall have the exclusive right to determine the location of any service lines connected to the Utility’s distribution
and/or collection system and to determine the allocation of water to the Applicant in the event of a water shortage. Utility may, in the
sole discretion of Utility, shut off water and/or wastewater service to Applicant if Applicant knowingly allows a connection or
extension to be made to his/her service lines for the purpose of supplying water and/or wastewater to another person or entity.
The Utility shall have the right to determine meter and/or service line locations on the Premises. In most instances, meters
and/or lines shall be located adjacent to the Applicant’s property line at the location nearest to the Utility’s main.
he Applicant hereby agrees that: (1) if any bill for water and/or wastewater services performed under this or any like
Contract shall remain unpaid for thirty (30) days after such bill has been rendered; or (2) if the Applicant shall tamper with, molest or
otherwise interfere with any meters, lines, or other equipment of Utility; or (3) the Applicant shall otherwise be in breach of this
Contract or any of the “General Terms and Conditions” of the Utility which are now in effect or which may be promulgated at some
later time, then the Utility, at its option, shall have the right to terminate this Contract and any like contracts providing for the service
of water and/or wastewater to Applicant. Applicant agrees that Utility shall impose a non-payment fee on Applicant in the sum
required by the regulations of the Utility in effect at that time and service may be terminated any time after non-payment fee is
It is hereby understood and agreed by and between the Utility and the Applicant that the Utility is under no obligation to
extend a service line to the Premises unless the Applicant has installed water consuming and/or wastewater discharging plumbing
facilities on the Premises which are equipped for immediate connection to the Utility’s system, or unless the Applicant has furnished
the Utility with satisfactory evidence that s/he has made satisfactory arrangements to have such facilities installed prior to the time
that the service lines are extended to the Premises.
The Utility reserves the right to refuse water and/or wastewater service to the Applicant and to refund his/her deposit, if any,
if, in the sole discretion of the Utility, service to the Applicant is uneconomical or if the Applicant is not located on or adjacent to the
Utility’s system.
nitials: ____________
Revised 2/16
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
LCWSD Fax Number – (803) 285-9574
The Applicant agrees that this Contract is subject to the “General Terms and Conditions” which are incorporated in this
Contract by reference. The “General Terms and Conditions” may be amended from time to time by the Utility and all amendments or
modifications to the “General Terms and Conditions” shall be binding upon the Applicant.
Once this Contract has been accepted by the Utility, Applicant agrees to pay Utility a non-refundable water and/or
wastewater connection and/or capacity fee in accordance with the standard rate then in force under the Utility’s regular schedule.
Applicant further agrees to accept and pay for water and/or wastewater service at the regular rate(s) established by Utility as soon as
such service(s) becomes available to Applicant. In the event that the Utility fails to complete the construction of service line(s) to the
Premises through no fault of the Applicant’s, the Utility shall reimburse Applicant for any connection and/or capacity fee which the
Applicant has paid to the Utility pursuant to this paragraph. Any cost incurred by Utility will be deducted from the connection and/or
capacity fee.
Applicant shall also pay to Utility, prior to commencement of water and/or wastewater service by Utility to Applicant, such
deposit as is required under Utility’s standard rate of charge. Such deposit shall constitute an advance payment by Applicant against
future water and/or wastewater service, repayable in water and/or wastewater service only, unless the Utility shall elect to refund such
deposit upon termination of water and/or wastewater service to Applicant.
If Applicant pays for water and/or wastewater service pursuant to the provisions set forth above, Applicant shall be
responsible for paying a minimum monthly charge to the Utility in accordance with the Utility rates then in effect, even if Applicant
elects not to make use of such water and/or wastewater service. By his/her signature herein below Applicant acknowledges and
agrees if the Applicant elects not to pay the minimum monthly charge to the Utility, the Applicant shall be deemed to have forfeited
Applicant’s interest in such service(s) and will be required to pay a new connection and/or capacity fee at the rate then in effect prior
to making use of such service(s).
In the event that Applicant fails to pay water and/or wastewater charges duly imposed by Utility in accordance with this
Contract and/or the Utility’s standard rate schedule, some or all of the following penalties shall be automatically imposed on the
Applicant: (1) If Applicant’s payment for such utility service is not received in the office of the Utility by the due date as indicated on
Applicant’s monthly bill, such penalty or penalties as are authorized by the General Terms and Conditions then in effect will be
added to Applicant’s next monthly bill; and (2) Applicant’s utility service may be disconnected without any prior notice to Applicant;
and (3) Utility may remove Applicant’s meter and retain Applicant’s initial connection and/or capacity fee, in which case Applicant
shall be required to pay a new connection and/or capacity fee at the rate then in effect prior to the Utility’s reconnecting Applicant’s
water and/or wastewater service.
Utility also reserves the right to refuse and return payments for less than the full amount billed. If the previous month’s bill
has not been paid after the current bill is mailed, Applicant shall be required to tender payment in full for the delinquent bill. Utility is
not responsible for mail service and the Applicant is responsible for payment of the monthly bill even though the monthly bill may
not be delivered by the mail service.
This Contract shall run with the Premises so long as service is provided thereto by Utility pursuant to this Contract and shall
bind any occupant on the Premises which is furnished any service hereunder.
Signed and Accepted _____________________________________ _____________________________________
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*Signed and Accepted ____________________________________ _____________________________________
Property Owner Signature Printed Name
Approved by ____________________________________________ Date _________________________________
Utility Rep.
*Property owner signature is not required for leases or rentals unless a new connection is purchased by the lessee or tenant.
Revised 2/16
Please send all faxes to (803) 285-9574
Revised 5/11
Lancaster County
Water & Sewer District “Serving Lancaster County For Over 50 Years”
I, ______________________________________________, a new homeowner located at
______________________________________________ in the Arbor Place Subdivision, acknowledge and
understand that my residence within this subdivision will have a special sewer rate associated with its
monthly bill from Lancaster County Water & Sewer District (LCWSD). LCWSD has to rely on Carolina
Water Service to treat the sewer from my residence which creates the need for the special rate. The most
current Rate Schedule can be provided by calling LCWSD’s office at 803-285-6919 during normal business
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