CRICOS Provider Code: 00117J
LA4044 Independent Project (current employer)
College of Business, Law & Governance Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program
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Consult with your employer. Project must be relevant to degree and workplace. Demonstrate how the
project assists in developing/improving workplace skills; address an industry issue and contribute to
Project outcomes
CRICOS Provider Code: 00117J
James Cook University (JCU) offers a Work Integrated Learning (WIL) program which is designed as a
pathway for students to acquire industry experience and enhance graduate employability. The
Independent Project subject is part of this program and enables students who are already employed the
opportunity to undertake a relevant project for their workplace.
The employer and the student acknowledge and agree that:
the student has approval from the employer to complete the project for the employer, which involves
applying relevant knowledge obtained from their degree
the project does not involve work normally done in the student's existing paid role at the employer
and will contribute to operational improvement of the employer's workplace, and
the project is of the student's own design but developed in consultation with the workplace supervisor
The employer acknowledges and agrees that:
the student is a paid employee of the employer
the workplace sup
ervisor will provide adequate supervision to the student and access to required
resources for the duration of the Independent Project
the workplace supervisor will provide required feedback to JCU on the student's performance and
achievement of the Independent Project outcomes when requested upon completion of the
Independent Project
no circumstance exists or is likely to arise which may give rise to a conflict of interest and/or restrict the
employer or the workplace supervisor in supervising the student during the course of the Independent
Project or in providing feedback to JCU with respect to the student's performance, and
subject to any other agreement, the host agrees that the student shall own the intellectual property in
any placement material created by the student as part of their assessment or reporting obligations for
their studies at JCU
the parties acknowledge that the host will negotiate directly with the student (if necessary) regarding
ownership of intellectual property in placement material, other than the placement material specified
above, which is created by the student, and
JCU will not be liable for any loss or damage to any person or loss or damage to property which may
arise in connection with any act or omission of the student whilst undertaking the project and the
employer releases JCU from any claim, action, suit, demand or proceeding arising out of or in
connection with an act or omission of the student whilst undertaking the project.
The student agrees that they will advise immediately of any change regarding their
supervision in the employer's workplace, or employment arrangements.
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