LA4044 Independent (Accenture) Project
Intern application/Acknowledgement of WIL Conditions
Student Name: Student Number:_______________
Student Email: Mob: ______________________
Please address why you wish to undertake this opportunity with Accenture, providing as much detail as
Acknowledgement of WIL conditions
The James Cook University (JCU) College of Business, Law and Governance offers a Work Integrated Learning
(WIL) Program which is designed as a pathway for students to acquire industry experience and enhance
graduate employability.
The Student acknowledges and agrees that:
they have approval from Accenture to complete the Project, which involves applying relevant knowledge
obtained from their degree
The Student agrees they will advise immediately of any change regarding their supervision
in Accentures workplace, or employment arrangements.
SIGNED by the Student
Date: ________________________________________________
Email whole and completed document, along with a copy of your Unofficial Academic Transcript to
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