Kitsap Regional Farmers Market Association, Operating the
Port Orchard Farmers Market (POFM)
POFM operates Saturdays 9am-2pm April 17 - October 16, 2021
BUSINESS NAME____________________________________________ UBI# * ____________________________ (1 UBI per application)
NAME_________________________________________ HELPERS NAMES_______________________________________________
PHYSICAL LOCATION ____________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS ______________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP_________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________
EMAIL________________________________ CELL #____________________________ PHONE#_____________________________
VEHICLE(s) DESCRIPTION ___________________________________________________ LICENSE #___________________________
AUTO LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY # _____________________ INSURER ______________________ EXPIRATION DATE __________
* A UBI# is your Washington State Business License #. If none, write “none”.
VENDORS – Check ( ) Vendor Type(s)
& fill in license & permit numbers
You must provide copies of all required permits &
licenses to manager & display in stall when
selling. (see Vendor Guide and Resources for
POFM Vendors for more info on what licenses, if
any, you might need)
List Products – be specific please.
Use additional pages if needed
( )
( ) Farmer – fresh produce (fruits & vegetables) only
UBI # for Scale Registration only:__________________
( ) Farmer – Eggs, Meats, or Seafood
SPEC. Permit #_________________________________
( ) Farmer – Honey
( )
( )
( )
( ) Farmer – Plants or Flowers
UBI # is required (Nursery endorsement for plants):
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Port Orchard Farmers Market 2021 Backyard Farmers Application updated
March 8, 2021
Market Manager: (360) 602-1022
Vendor assumes responsibility for any insurance deductible or other charge made against the
KRFMA / POFM resulting from damage to persons or property by their umbrella, displays or products.
The KRFMA / POFM disclaims all liability that may arise from the sale of goods by the vendors or by the
conduct of the vendors. The KRFMA / POFM in no way guarantees the marketability or fitness of the vendors’
goods, nor does KRFMA / POFM guarantee the success of the vendor’s efforts.
1. I agree to hold the KRFMA / POFM harmless for any problems that may arise from my use of the
property occupied by the farmers market.
2. My signature indicates that I have read (or will read before vending) and agree to follow the Kitsap
Regional Farmers Market Association / Port Orchard Farmer Market policies contained in this
Application, and the Member/Vendor Guide, Market Rules, and Bylaws. I will make sure anyone
working or helping at my space also follows these.
3. I will follow the Market Managers instructions.
4. If asked, I agree to have the POFM Site Visit Committee visit my garden or farm to verify I am
producing and growing my products per WSFMA and POFM policies.
Signature(s) _______________________________Print Name ________________________Date__________
Emergency contact during Saturday Market Hours (for our manager):
Name ____________________________________Phone Number(s) ________________________________
I hereby grant the Port Orchard Farmers Market permission to publish my name, business name, address, website URL,
and phone numbers in a Market publication to be shared with other Market members and on the Market website.
X _____________________________________________Date _______________
Vendor Signature
I hereby grant permission to be photographed, voluntarily and without compensation by the Port Orchard Farmers
Market, understanding that the same, along with my name, is intended for publication by print media, television, video,
social media pages or on the Port Orchard Farmers Market Website.
X _____________________________________________Date _______________
Vendor Signature
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Port Orchard Farmers Market 2021 Backyard Farmers Application updated
March 8, 2021
Market Manager: (360) 602-1022
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Keep this Page for your reference
Here’s how vending as a Backyard Farmer works:
1. We invite home gardeners and small growers to sell their excess produce at our market.
2. You pay a Daily Vending Fee of $6 for a 5’ wide X 10’ deep half space, in cash or by check.
3. You may vend up to a maximum of 5 days per year.
4. You supply all your equipment, the market only supplies the space.
5. Backyard Farmers can be any age, but youth farmers should have an adult with them as our staff is not able to be
responsible for or supervise them, as they have other duties.
6. Backyard Farmers must grow or produce all the farm products they sell themselves on their own property.
7. No business licenses or permits are required if you ONLY sell fresh fruits and vegetables, that aren’t “processed” in any way,
(they are just harvested, maybe trimmed, and washed), AND your annual sales are less than $12,000, AND you sell
everything by the “bundle or piece”, not by weight.
8. If you want to sell by weight, WA state requires a business license (UBI#) and scale registration.
9. Products other than unprocessed fruits and vegetables may require specific licenses and permits. (See “Resources for POFM
Vendors” document on our website for links to more information if you want to sell other products.)
10. You should keep all edibles at least 24” off the ground to prevent dogs and small children from reaching them. Table height
is even better.
11. You do not have to stay until the market closes at 3pm but you cannot bring a vehicle into the market until 3:15pm. So, if
you leave early, you must hand carry all your property outside the market.
12. Backyard Farmers must follow all procedures & rules outlined in the current Member / Vendor Guide, Market Rules &
Bylaws, including but not limited to:
* Arrive at the market in time to unload, move vehicle & set up before market opens at 9am
* Park any vehicle(s) in vendor designated parking areas only
* Follow market manager & staff instructions
* Accept all market tokens and vouchers that apply to your products (EBT, Credit, Debit, FreshBucks)
* Check out at the Market Booth when you are done - Turn in completed sales report, market tokens, vouchers, pay $6
vendor fee. Both Staff & Vendor must initial the sales report before Vendor leaves.
* Abide by the Requirement 50 pounds of weight for a market umbrella, (Backyard Farmers do not use canopies)
or more if
needed for wind conditions. (HTTP://
* You do NOT have to use an umbrella.
All vendors who wish to erect canopies
(including umbrellas) on the Farmers Market site
during a normal period of market operations, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies
sufficiently and safely anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down. Any vendor who fails
to properly anchor his or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that vendor
chooses to take down and stow their canopy and sell without it.
Each canopy leg must have no less than 24# (pounds) anchoring
each leg, and market umbrellas, 50#.
For More Information:
Go to - for information on vendor types and eligibility & to download forms. If being a
Backyard Farmer isn’t for you, one of our other categories might be.
Call or email our Market Manager with questions.
Please return pages 1-2 of this Application completed and signed, along with a copy of your current Auto Liability
Insurance ID Card for any vehicles you may drive into the market (for unloading / loading)
(make a copy for yourself
Email to:
or Mail to: Attn: Market Manager, Port Orchard Farmers Market
P.O. BOX 8247, Port Orchard, WASHINGTON 98366
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Port Orchard Farmers Market 2021 Backyard Farmers Application
updated March 8, 2021
Market Manager: (360) 602-1022