Kitsap Regional Farmers Market Association, Operating the Port Orchard Farmers Market
BUSINESS NAME____________________________________________ UBI#____________________________(1 UBI per application)
NAME_________________________________________PARTNERS/ HELPERS NAMES____________________________________
BUSINESS LOCATION ____________________________________ MAILING ADDRESS ______________________________________
CITY, STATE, ZIP_________________________________________ CITY, STATE, ZIP ________________________________________
EMAIL________________________________ CELL #____________________________ PHONE #_____________________________
VEHICLE(s) DESCRIPTION ___________________________________________________ LICENSE #_________________________
AUTO LIABILITY INSURANCE POLICY # _____________________ INSURER ______________________ EXPIRATION DATE __________
List special needs: (example: trailers, large trucks, loading issues, electricity, water, handicapped vendor, etc.)
SPACE SIZE WANTED 10 X 10 10 X 20 5 X 10 OTHER
( )
Check Vendor Type(s) & fill in license & permit
Vendors must provide a copy of all required permits &
licenses to
manager & display in stall when selling.
(see Vendor Guide for more info)
List Products – be specific please.
Use additional pages if needed
( )
( ) Farmer – fresh produce (fruits & vegetables) or raw honey
UBI # for Scale Registration only:_________________
( ) Farmer – Eggs, Meats or Seafood
SPEC. Permit #_________________________________
( )
( )
( )
( ) Farmer – Plants or Flowers
UBI (Nursery License)___________________________
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
Processed Foods (must live on Kitsap Peninsula)
Food Handlers #_______________________________
Temp Food Est. Permit # ________________________
WSDA Permit #________________________________
Product Liability Ins. #___________________________
(must name POFM as additional insured)
I grow the crops, fish, etc. I process (farmer)_________
Port Orchard Farmers Market
2021 Application updated March 8
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( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
( )
Prepared Food (onsite cooking/food prep)
(must live on Kitsap Peninsula)
Food Handlers # _________________________________
Temp Food Est. Permit # __________________________
OR: Cottage Food Permit # ________________________
(provide approved list)
WSDA Permit # _________________________________
$1 mil. Ins. Policy # ______________________________
Insurer _______________________________________
(must name POFM as additional insured)
( )
( )
( )
( )
Crafter / Artisan (must live on Kitsap Peninsula)
Screened (new vendors only)
Product Liability Ins # (for skin care items):
(must name POFM as additional insured)
( )
( )
( )
Reseller of fresh WA State grown farm produce grown by
others (must live on Kitsap Peninsula)
Membership Paid:
No of fees paid ahead:
Port Orchard Farmers Market
2021 Application updated March 8
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The KRFMA / POFM disclaims any and all liability that may arise from the sale of goods by the vendors or by the conduct of the
vendors. The KRFMA / POFM in no way guarantees the marketability or fitness of the vendors’ goods, nor does KRFMA / POFM
guarantee the success of the vendor’s efforts. Members will be accepted based on residency within the Greater Kitsap Peninsula
boundaries, market product balance, and seniority.
The signer of this contract agrees to hold the KRFMA / POFM harmless for any problems that may arise from the vendors’ use of the
property occupied by the farmers markets.
CANOPY REQUIREMENT - All vendors who wish to erect canopies (including umbrellas) on the Farmers Market site during a normal
period of market operations, including the set up and break down period, are required to have their canopies sufficiently and safely
anchored to the ground from the time their canopy is put up to the time it is taken down. Any vendor who fails to properly anchor his
or her canopy will not be allowed to sell at the Farmers Market on that market day, unless that vendor chooses to take down and
stow their canopy and sell without it.
Each canopy leg must have no less than 24# (pounds) anchoring each leg, and market
umbrellas, 50#.
Vendor assumes responsibility for any insurance deductible or other charge made against the KRFMA / POFM resulting
from damage to persons or property by their canopy, umbrella, displays or products.
VENDOR will follow all procedures & rules outlined in the current Vendor Guide, including but not limited to:
1. Arrive at the market site in time to unload, move vehicle & set up before market opens
2. Park my vehicle(s) in vendor designated parking areas only
3. Follow market manager & staff instructions
4. Honestly report daily sales made at my booth
5. I have downloaded or was given a printed copy of the Vendor Guide - Market Rules & Bylaws. I agree to follow all policies,
rules & bylaws in the Vendor Guide and make sure anyone working at my booth does as well.
6. Accept all market tokens and vouchers that apply to your products (EBT, Credit, Debit, FreshBucks)
7. Abide by the Canopy Requirement of 25 pounds of weight on each leg of my booth’s canopy, and 50 pounds of weight for a
market umbrella, or more if needed. (see for info & ideas)
All vendors agree to have a POFM Site Visit Committee visit vendor’s physical production or farm locations to verify they
are producing or growing their products per WSFMA and POFM policies.
It is the responsibility of all members to familiarize themselves with, and follow the policies and procedures in this
Member/Vendor Guide, including the POFM Market Rules and ByLaws. - for more info & to download Vendor forms and current VENDOR GUIDE containing all market policies,
procedures, rules and bylaws,
My signature indicates that I have read the Vendor Guide policies, rules and bylaws and agree to
abide by all the policies, rules, and bylaws of the Kitsap Regional Farmers Market Association / Port
Orchard Farmer Market.
Signature(s) _______________________________Business Name _____________________Date__________
Port Orchard Farmers Market
2021 Application updated March 8
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I hereby grant the Port Orchard Farmers Market permission to:
_____ publish my name, business name, address, website URL, and phone numbers in Market publications and
on our website.
_____ be photographed, voluntarily and without compensation by the Port Orchard Farmers Market,
understanding that the same, along with my name, is intended for publication by print media, television, video,
social media pages or on the Port Orchard Farmers Market Website.
_____ share my contact information with the public upon request (example: market customer emails our
manager looking to contact a particular vendor)
_____ share my contact information with other POFM Members for the purpose of conducting market business
(example: giving committee members phone #/email to other members of the same committee)
X __________________________________ /______________________________
(Print) Member Name Business Name
X _____________________________________________Date _______________
(Signature) Member Name
In case of Emergency during Saturday Market Hours, please contact:
Name ______________________________________ Phone Number(s) ______________________________
Port Orchard Farmers Market
2021 Application updated March 8
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MARKET FEES (all vendors must be market members):
If your application is not accepted, any fees paid will be returned to you.
Annual Membership Dues :
5.00 single membership / 1 vote or
$50.00 double membership / 2 votes (for families or partnerships, optional)
Daily Vendor Stall Fees: (member vendors may share space up to two per full space)
$18 half space - 5' wide X 10' deep
$28 full space - 10’ wide X 10’ deep
$56 for double space - 20’ wide X 10’ deep
$6 - 5x5 Card Table Kids Space (Under 16)
$5 for electric access, if needed
Applications are welcome throughout the season; however, space cannot be guaranteed. We maintain
waiting lists for full product categories. All Vendors must reside on the Kitsap Peninsula with the exception of
farmers who may live and farm anywhere in Washington State. We do give preference to Kitsap County
farmers but strive to maintain a diverse and broad range of Washington farm products at the market.
New Arts and Crafts Vendors (or new product lines from returning vendors) are reviewed by the Arts & Crafts
Screening Committee. Items must be handcrafted by the person selling them. This can be done before or after
a membership or board meeting or on Saturday before market opens, or if you prefer, you can email
your Screening application and product photos. It is best to call before applying to make sure we have
space for your product category. Depending on the type of product(s), a site visit may be performed in order
to confirm local production of said product(s). You will be contacted quickly to review your application.
Returning Reserved Vendors may pay your first half season fee now (see Stall Schedule Form to calculate
days less any “waived” days) to keep the same space you had last season. See the Vendor Guide and Stall
Schedule Form for more information.
PLEASE RETURN (make copies for yourself):
1. this application, completed and signed (keep page 5 for your records)
2. copies of all business licenses and permits
3. copy of current Auto Liability Insurance ID Card for all vehicles you will drive into the marketability
4. Arts & Crafts vendors – Screening application, completed and signed
5. Reserving Vendors – Reserved Vendor Stall Schedule, half season stall fees
6. $25 single / $50 double Annual Dues
Attn: Market Manager
Port Orchard Farmers Market
P.O. BOX 8247
Port Orchard, WASHINGTON 98366
Questions or Problems, please CONTACT
Port Orchard Farmers Market
2021 Application updated March 8
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