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Kinsaul Travel Grant for Excellence in STEM Research
The David and Sam Kinsaul Travel Grant is intended to support undergraduate and graduate student travel to
conferences to present their research in STEM disciplines including biology, chemistry, computer science, mathematics,
and physical geography. This program illustrates JSU’s commitment to advancing student research in the sciences.
Instructions: Students should complete this form with their research supervisor. Grants will be awarded to students
presenting their STEM research at a conference and are funded at a maximum of $500 per presentation (presentations
with more than one undergraduate author will be capped at $500 total). Awardees will be reimbursed after returning
from the conference and providing documentation of travel expenses. Reimbursement will also require that students
write a thank you note to Mr. David Kinsaul and/or Mr. Sam Kinsaul (addresses and more instructions will be provided in
the award letter).
Applications should be submitted to Tracy Casey, 246 Martin Hall
Student Number:
Research Supervisor:
Travel Authorization Form Completed: Yes No
Type of Presentation: Talk Poster Other Explain:
Student status: Undergraduate Graduate
Has your presentation been formally accepted: Yes No
If not, when do you expect to hear if your presentation is accepted?
Please attach the presentation title and abstract (on a separate sheet of paper).
Anticipated Expenses Other Available Funding
Mileage to airport: *Departmental:
Airfare: (cover all remaining funds exceeding $500)
Other (explain):
Total Requested: _____ *If more than $500 include remaining amount under departmental.
Supporting Signatures
Research Supervisor: ____________ Date: ______________
Department Head: _______ Date: ______________