Keyword Mnemonics Checklist
It can be difficult to remember all of the people, places, and concepts that are required to
understand subjects like social studies and science. Keyword mnemonics is one strategy
you can use to learn and remember new vocabulary words. Just like a key unlocks a
door, a keyword unlocks the definition of an important vocabulary word.
The keyword mnemonics strategy has several important parts: a target vocabulary word,
a keyword, a simple picture, a connecting phrase, and a plan. Use this checklist to ensure
that you have a key that will unlock the correct definition of the target vocabulary word!
1. Target Vocabulary Word
____Difficult to remember or use correctly
____Important for understanding a specific topic or text
2. Keyword
____Easy to visualize
____Sounds similar to the target word
3. Picture
____Easy to remember
____Illustrates the keyword (not the target word)
4. Connecting Phrase
____Connects the keyword and picture to the target word
____Sounds similar to the target word
5. Plan
____ Explains how the keyword, picture, and connecting phrase will be used to
remember the definition of the target word