Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
Keighley Town Council
Grant Application Form
Please refer to the ‘Grants Criteria to assist you with this form
Date of Application: Reference Number:
(office use only)
Name of Organisation: Contact Number:
Project Title: (in one sentence describe your project):
Name of Applicant:
Address of Organisation:
Postcode: Email address:
Funding Request: up to £10,000 Exceeding £10,000 (this will require Full Council approval)
What type of organisation are you:
Registered charity Unregistered community group/club/society
Charity Number: Other (please state)
Do you have a constitution or a set of rules? (please provide a copy of your constitution) Yes No
VAT Number: (if applicable)
Total Cost of Project:
Grant Requested:
Bank Details:
Bank Account Name (as it appears on your
cheque book):
Are you part of a larger organisation? If yes,
please give details
Short description of the project and how the project meets the Councils grant criteria and the objectives
outlined in the Keighley Town Plan 2020/2023 (use a separate sheet if necessary) max 500 words
Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
What are the projected outcomes of your project? (for example, how many people will take part)
How long has your organisation been operating?
How many trustees, volunteers and service users are there in your organisation?
What is the main activity of your organisation?
If your group is being set-up or has been running for less than one year, applicants must supply one business
and one personal reference. You must also provide a copy of your latest bank statement with a statement of
income and expenditure or other financial information which indicates your financial position.
Business Reference:
Personal Reference:
Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
Please supply details and costings (Attach separate sheets if required)
Budget: This budget should be for the total cost of the activity you are applying to do.
Please be as accurate as you can, as you may be asked to explain any amount which is
unclear. Attach a separate budget sheet if you have done this work already. Please also
provide quotations of the proposed items of expenditure you may use.
A Expenditure items
Cost (£)
B Total Expenditure (must be sum of A above)
C Other Income Sources (state from whom, and whether confirmed)
Total £
From your own resources (including public fundraising)
D Sum requested from Keighley Town Council
E Total Income (must be sum of C & D above) and equal to figure in B
When will the project commence?
When will the project finish?
Please attach any other relevant information that you may think is appropriate for this project, eg insurance
cover, DBS Certificates, health and safety issues, planning permission received, quotations from suppliers
and any other relevant information to support your application.
Have you discussed this application with a member Yes
of the Town Council staff/Town Councillor? No
If yes who?
What promotion can the Town Council expect to receive from this project?
The Town Council will ask to see evidence that the grant has been used in a manner for which it was
intended. Do you agree to provide such evidence? Yes No
Signature of Applicant:
Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
Checklist - Please enclose the following with your application. We will only process your application once
we have received them.
Full and complete copies of your signed, certified and audited latest annual accounts (If your organisation is
less than 12 months old please provide your latest bank statement with a statement of income and
expenditure or other financial information which indicates your financial position. You are also required to
supply one personal and one business reference)
Copies of your organisations constitution or set of rules
Copies of two written estimates/quotes if you are applying for a grant for equipment/capital item
Evidence of any other awards towards the project e.g. lottery funding, other bodies
If you are unable to supply this information, please contact the Town Council for advice before submitting
this application
1. Introduction
1.1 Keighley Town Council has the power, under various sections of the Local Government Act1972, but not
the obligation to make grants available to local community, voluntary and not-for profit groups in Keighley.
1.2 Keighley Town Council is funded by the residents of Keighley via a charge on the Council tax collected by
Bradford MDC. It has, therefore, only limited funds available to assist groups who must demonstrate that they
are working for the benefit of the Keighley community in an inclusive manner.
1.3 Grants will be distributed by the Council in a fair and equitable manner to reflect the value and
contribution of the organisation to the local community.
2. Aims of the Grant Making Programme
2.1 The Town Council provides grants to support the following aims: -
To enable local people to participate in voluntary groups and activities.
To help the Town’s voluntary groups to improve their effectiveness.
To support organisations which meet the needs of people experiencing social exclusion or economic
To ensure there is equality of access and opportunity for all residents of Keighley to the services it provides
and funds.
To improve or enhance the local environment.
In all its considerations, Keighley Town Council will aim to ensure value for money on behalf of all residents
of Keighley.
To contribute towards the objectives outlined in the Keighley Town Plan.
3. Who can apply
3.1 Grants will only be considered for groups and organisations operating within Keighley which are able to
demonstrate a need for financial support to benefit the local community and/or are providing a service in the
3.2 At the council’s discretion, it may consider groups and organisations out of the Town providing the service
or activity is of direct benefit to a resident in Keighley.
4. Activities that will not be supported
4.1 The following will not be considered for support: -
Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
Applications by individuals.
Regional or National organisations, unless they are for a specific project benefitting Keighley residents.
Commercial organisations.
Purposes for which there is a statutory duty upon other local or central government departments to fund or
“Upward funders” i.e. local groups where fund-raising or a tithe of all funds is sent to a central HQ.
Political parties.
Activities of a predominately religious nature.
Multiple applications by the same organisation in one year will not usually be supported.
Salaries or other staff related costs.
5. Conditions of Awards
5.1 The following conditions will apply to all applications: -
The grant must be used for the purpose for which the application was made.
If the group is unable to use the award for the stated purpose, all monies must be returned to Keighley Town
All awards must be properly accounted for and evidence of expenditure should be supplied to the council as
requested. The Town Council reserves the right to request a refund of any or all monies awarded if it is
dissatisfied with the information provided.
The awarding of a grant should not be seen as an ongoing commitment.
A fresh application, on the Council provided application form, is required each year.
The Council reserves the right to discontinue the grant programme.
Keighley Town Council will only consider contributing up to 50% of a project of total cost on grants over
Keighley Town Council has an annual budget set of £40,000
6. Applicant Contribution
6.1 The availability of funding for Grant awards is limited. In considering the merits of such an application,
the Town Council will consider the extent of financial contribution and/or contribution by way of volunteer
commitment translated into a monetary value, made to the project.
7. Application Process
7.1 Applications will only be considered when:-
They are made via the Council’s approved application form.
They are accompanied by details of the group’s constitution and management board.
The form has been signed by an appropriately authorised person (e.g. Chairman, Secretary or Treasurer) on
behalf of the group or organisation.
Estimates, competitive quotations and specifications have been included if appropriate.
They are accompanied by a copy of your latest accounts.
Details of the organisation’s accounts have been provided confirming that it holds a separate bank account
controlled by more than one signatory.
Details of the membership, both within and outside Keighley, have been noted on the application form to
demonstrate the benefit of the group to Keighley residents.
Details of your organisation’s constitution and management committee have been supplied
You have demonstrated what active steps your group or organisation are taking to encourage engagement from
all sections of the Keighley community.
Any application form received which meets Keighley Town Council’s Grants Conditions will be taken to the
next available Finance & Audit Committee.
Any application requesting over £10,000 will be referred from the Finance & Audit Committee, with a
recommendation, to Full Council to consider.
Keighley Town Council Grant Application Form April 2020
Date application received:
All Supporting
Reason for
Application meets criteria:
Refer to Finance Committee
Reference checks satisfactory?
Committee Approved?
Reason for
Town Clerk’s Signature: