Keene State College
Receipt Confirmation of the Notice of Involved Person’s Rights
DCS Incident Report #:______________
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Keene State College is committed to creating and maintaining a community free of acts of sexual misconduct or
relationship violence. The College will respond to reports of sexual misconduct and relationship violence in an
effort to stop the prohibited conduct, prevent its reoccurrence, and address its effects on the campus community.
Keene State College offers support resources for ALL parties involved with or impacted by sexual misconduct
or relationship violence.
Confidential Resources for Support:
Keene State College Counseling Center: Elliot Hall; 603-358-2437 After hours 358-2436
Keene State College Center for Health and Wellness: Elliot Hall; 603-358-2450
Cheshire Medical Center: 580-590 Court St., Keene, NH; 603-354-6600
Monadnock Center for Violence Prevention: Crisis hotline; 888-511-6287
Additional Resources for Support
Keene State College Campus Safety: Keddy House; 603-358-2228
Keene Police Department: 400 Marlboro St., Keene, NH; 603-357-9813 or 911
Title IX Coordinator: Elliot Hall 252; 603-358-2959
NH Bar Association Lawyer Referral Service: 603-229-0002
Information on Filing a Report, Requesting Accommodations, or Policy Clarification
To file a report; request an accommodation to your living, working, or academic arrangements (regardless of
whether or not you chose to report the crime to law enforcement or campus safety); request a No Contact
Order; or to address questions about the above policies or procedures, contact the Keene State College Title IX
Coordinator: Jeffrey Maher; Elliott Center 252; 603-358-2959; Title or the Department of
Campus Safety at 603-358-2228. For questions about the Student Code of Conduct, contact the Student
Conduct Office: Proctor House; 603-358-2228;
Statement of Rights for Involved Persons
Keene State College is committed to providing the following rights for ALL persons involved with an act of
sexual misconduct or relationship violence. These rights ensure a fair, impartial, and equitable response for
alleged violations of the Sexual Misconduct or Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment Policy
The right to a prompt and impartial college investigation and appropriate resolution of all credible
complaints of sexual misconduct and relationship violence made in good faith to College administrators
The right to notification of and assistance in options for changing academic, work, or living situations after
an alleged incident, whether or not the crime is reported to law enforcement
The right to be informed of and have access to campus resources for medical, health, counseling, and
advisory services
The right to receive regular updates on the status of an investigation or resolution
The right to have an advisor of choice with them throughout the investigative and resolution process
The right to be treated with respect by College officials
Keene State College
Receipt Confirmation of the Notice of Involved Person’s Rights
DCS Incident Report #:______________
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The right not to be discouraged by College officials from reporting an assault to both on-campus and off-
campus authorities
The right to review all relevant documentary evidence regarding the allegation including the investigative
report (subject to statutory privacy limitations), at least two (2) business days prior to a student conduct
The right to a student conduct hearing conducted by officers who have received sexual misconduct training
on relative issues
The right to accommodations throughout the Student Conduct process to minimize contact between the
parties, if so requested
The right not to have past sexual history introduced as part of the testimony unless determined to be relevant
by the director of Student Conduct or his/her designee
The right to make an impact statement and to have that statement considered in determining sanctions
The right to be informed, in writing, promptly of the outcome, pending all appeals
The right to the preservation of privacy, to the extent possible and permitted by law
Keene State College Policies
The Keene State College Sexual Misconduct Policy is available online at
The Keene State College Discrimination and Discriminatory Harassment policy is also available online at:
Receipt of the Notice of Rights
On this date, __________________________ at ________ hours, I acknowledge that I have read the above
summary of the Keene State College Notice of Involved Person’s Rights; provided contact information to file a
report or request accommodations; and provided the online location of the Keene State College Sexual
Misconduct Policy.
_________________________________ _________________________________
(Involved Person’s Name) (College Official’s Name)
________________________________ ________________________________
(Involved Person’s Signature) (College Official’s Signature)
College Officials shall request that the involved person sign this form; the form shall be retained in College
records, accompanied by an incident report. A signature acknowledges receipt and understanding of this form
only, and does not suggest wrongdoing or involvement in the alleged incident; Refusals shall be marked
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