Kathy Schrock’s Guide for Educators
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Is the Tour Better in Person?
After you take a virtual tour of a place on the Internet, answer the following questions to
see if the tour met your expectations.
Your name: _____________________________________________ Date:___________
Name of tour site: ________________________________________________________
URL of tour site:_________________________________________________________
1. When you were on the tour, could you tell where you were at all times?
2. Throughout the tour, could you always get back to the beginning?
3. During the tour, could you go to any area that you wanted to, or did you
have to visit places in a certain order?
4. Was there a map of the virtual tour site available for you to use for
5. While you were on the tour, could you use any type of virtual reality to view
places in 3-D?
6. If there were photographs on the tour, were they easy to see?
7. When you first entered the tour, could you choose from different options or
paths to take?
8. Was there a virtual guide to help you along the virtual tour?
9. Were there any links to other Internet resources that would better help you
understand the subject matter of the tour?
10. Was there a place to ask questions or leave feedback about the tour?
11. Did the tour make you want to learn more about the topic?
12. Did the tour allow you to visit a place that you would never be able to visit
in real life?
In your own words, describe taking a virtual tour and compare it with a real tour you have taken.
*N/A means Not Applicable--the question can't be answered or it does not pertain to the site you are viewing.