Application to cancel an entry
in the Land Charges Register
(other than class F)
(1) (2)
(1) For Class F cancellation please use form
(2) Please complete the appropriate
sections of this form in typescript or
BLOCK LETTERS using black ink
which will not smear. No covering
letter is required.
A separate form K11 must be used for
each entry concerned
(3) Enter the full names of the applicants.
(4) Please put a cross in the correct box. If
the applicant is not that named in the
original registration then evidence of title
of the new applicant should be enclosed.
Any documents lodged should be
certified as true copies.
(5) Please put a cross in the correct box.
(6) If the entry is to be cancelled as to part
only of the land please describe that part
of the land.
(7) Please put a cross in the correct box
(8) If the entry is a Land Charge please enter
the class and sub class here.
(9) An order of the Court directing vacation is
necessary to cancel an entry relating to
proceedings in bankruptcy or to a deed of
(10) Please complete all boxes and refer to
month by three letters e.g.
Day Month Year
0 9 O C T 2 0 0 1
(11) Please give full name(s) of the estate
owner or debtor entered in the register.
Enter forename(s) and surname on
separate lines. You may use both lines for
the name of a company or other body.
(The words forename(s) and surname
should then be deleted)
(12) Please enter your key number even if you
are not paying fees by Direct Debit.
(13) If no conveyancer is acting enter full
name and address (including postcode) of
(14) Please limit to 25 characters including
oblique stokes and punctuation.
HM Land Registry
Form K11
(Land Charges Act 1972)
Particulars of applicant(s) entitled to the benefit of
the entry.
Fee panel
Place "X" in the appropriate box. See
Note 1 overleaf.
A cheque or postal order for
the correct fee accompanies
this application.
Please debit our Direct Debit
under an authorised agreement
with Land Registry.
I/We as conveyancer(s) acting for the above mentioned applicant(s) hereby apply for
cancellation in the register as shown below.
I/We certify that:
The applicant(s) is/are the person(s) entitled to the benefit of the entry and is/are
named as the chargee(s) in the original registration.
(b) The applicant(s) is/are the successor(s) in title to the original chargee(s) and
evidence of the applicant’s title is enclosed.
(c) The application is made pursuant to an order of the Court directing vacation of
the entry and an office copy of the order is attached.
(d) The restrictive covenants protected by the under mentioned entry are the covenants
discharged by order of the Land Tribunal, an office copy of which is attached.
Signature of conveyancer/Applicants
(or attested seal of company) Date
Particulars of entry
Please cancel the under mentioned entry as to
the whole
the following part
being part of the land affected by the original
Land Charges
Pending Action
Writ or Order
Deed of Arrangement
Insert the number and date of the original
registration below.
Official reference no.
Date of registration
Particulars of the estate owner
For official use only
Key Number
Conveyancer’s name and address
(including postcode)
Name and address (including postcode) for despatch of
acknowledgement (leave blank if it is to be sent to the
conveyancer/applicant’s address)
For official use only County
Please see also the Explanatory Notes overleaf
Class and
sub class
Explanatory Notes
If you need help to fill in this form please write to the address at the foot of this page and
ask for Practice Guide 63 Land Charges Applications for registration, official search,
office copy and cancellation. A copy will be sent to you free of charge.
1 The fee payable for each application is set out in the current Land Charges Fee Order
(which can be bought from The Stationary Office or from any law stationer). Fees must
be paid by Direct Debit under an authorised agreement with Land Registry or by cheque
or postal order made payable to “Land Registry”.
2 When you have completed this form please send it to the address shown below which is
printed to fit within a standard window envelope.
The Superintendent
Land Charges Department
Cancellation Section
Seaton Court, 2 William Prance Road,
DX 8249 PLYMOUTH (3)
Crown copyright (ref: LR/HO) 10/13