Justification for Sole Supplier or Brand
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Fully describe the purpose for which this product is needed and why this specific product is unique.
Explain in detail how this need can be best satisfied.
Fully explain why the suggested vendor or brand is the only source or brand to fulfill the requirement.
Section 18-4-306, MCA, allows a contract to be awarded for a supply or service item without competition under certain
circumstances. The required item must be available only from a single supplier. "Sole Source" is distinguishable from "Sole
Brand" in that only one supplier is available to provide the supply or service. Circumstances which could necessitate a sole
source procurement are: (1) the compatibility of current services or equipment, accessories, or replacement parts, (2) there is
no existent equivalent product, or (3) only one source is acceptable or suitable for the supply or service item. Sole source
procedures do not apply if the item is under $5,000.
The following items do not require sole source justification: (1) professional licenses, (2) dues to associations, (3) renewal of
software license agreements; and (4) purchase or renewal of maintenance agreements for software or hardware.
(Attach Dated Quote and Use Additional Sheets As Necessary)
Describe how the suggested brand or vendor is able to fulfill the requirements.
Explain why no other brand or vendor can fulfill the requirement.
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