Judicial Appointment and Retention
Advisory Commission Application
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Judicial Appointment and Retention Advisory Commission
The purpose of the Judicial Appointment and Retention Advisory Commission is to recommend to City Council
qualified candidates for appointment and whether to retain judges.
Commission Membership
The Judicial Performance Advisory Commission consists of five voting members appointed by Council. As much as
practicable, each of the four Wards will be represented by a member and one member will represent the City in an
at-large capacity. No Ward shall have more than two members on the Commission. Two members must be
licensed attorneys with one attorney whose employment relates to criminal prosecution and one whose
employment relates to the defense of criminal cases, unless there are no applications to appoint one from each
Name of Applicant (First, Middle, Last (include Sr., Jr., etc.) Ward No.
Home Address (include City, State ZIP+4)
Phone Number: Alternate Phone Number:
1. Are you currently employed with the City of Thornton? Yes No
2. Do you have relatives presently working for the City of Thornton? Yes No If yes, please list.
Are you an employee or business associate of an attorney, law office, or law firm contracting with the City to provide
criminal defense legal services?
Yes No
4. Are you an attorney licensed to practice law in the State of Colorado?
If yes, does your employment relate to:
Criminal Prosecution Criminal Defense Neither
5. Are you a justice or judge actively performing judicial duties? Yes No
6. If you are not a resident of the City, are you actively engaged in the ongoing conduct of business within the City?
Yes No If yes, please explain.
Tell us briefly what specific talents, expertise, experience, previous civic activities, and/or volunteer service you would bring to
this commission if appointed.
udicial Appointment and Retention
Advisory Commission Application
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Current Employer:
Address of Employer:
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I certify that the facts and statements contained in this committee application are true and correct. I further
understand that false statements shall be sufficient cause for rejection of this application or for grounds to apply
the penalty provisions of the Code of Ethics.
I understand that falsification, omission or misrepresentation will result in a rejection of this application. Any
falsification, omission or misrepresentation is evidence of perjury in the second degree.
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