Johnston Community College Application for Forgiveness Policy
JCC Forgiveness Policy:
Students who return to the College after stopping out for a minimum of three years or 36 consecutive months and wish
to make a "fresh start" in pursing educational goals may apply for the Forgiveness Policy. The Forgiveness Policy allows
for "F" or "WF" grades earned at the College three or more years prior to current enrollment to be eliminated from the
cumulative GPA calculation. This process does not affect Financial Aid eligibility.
To qualify for the Forgiveness Policy, students must meet the following criteria:
Not have been enrolled at the College for a minimum of three years prior to current enrollment.
Be currently enrolled in curriculum courses.
Have successfully completed 12 credit hours of course work with a minimum GPA of 2.00.
Additionally, the following stipulations apply regarding consideration for the Forgiveness Policy:
Grades earned at other colleges cannot be forgiven.
Students may apply only once for the Forgiveness Policy during their academic career at Johnston CC.
Forgiven grades remain on the transcript but are not calculated in the cumulative GPA.
To request the Forgiveness Policy, students must complete an Application for Forgiveness Policy form and submit it to
the Registrar's Office. Students will be notified by e-mail of the decision, and in cases of approval, GPA recalculations
will be made in the Registrar's Office.
Date:__________________________________ Student ID Number_______________________
First Name:_____________________________ Middle ________________ Last _______________________
Mailing Address:______________________________________________________________________________
JCC Phone Number:_________________________
Course Prefix & Number
Grade Received
(F or WF only)
Registrar's Office
Approval (N/Y)
Student Signature:___________________________________________________________________________
Date Received by Registrar's Office__________________________________ Date Processed:_______________
Student _____does or ______ does not meet the eligibility requirements.
Registrar's Signature:__________________________________________________________________________
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