Job Shadowing Program
Job shadowing is a work experience option where an employee learns about a position by
walking through the work as a shadowto a competent worker from another area. The job
shadowing experience will provide temporary exposure to the work product in an area of
interest outside the normal working environment. The shadower will witness firsthand the
work environment and the occupational/interpersonal skills practiced by their shadow coach.
Informal job shadowing is already fairly widespread within the induction process where new
employees might spend some time with department co-workers. The Job Shadowing Program
would extend this concept and allow for continuous professional development.
In addition to learning more about the range of work undertaken in another area, staff may:
learn potential new methods of working;
understand more about the management of a similar role in another area;
develop contacts in another area and learn how best to communicate with them;
see the kind of issues or problems encountered on a day-to-day basis;
look for solutions from different angles;
encourage greater cooperation;
and encourage awareness and understanding of diverse backgrounds and perspectives.
The Job Shadowing Program will:
provide a learning experience for both parties;
enable a better understanding of the role of other employees and the work they do;
bring together people from different areas of the College;
improve communication and enhance networking opportunities;
share good practice;
enhance individual self development and assist ongoing professional development;
and assist in breaking down barriers between different roles, teams, and
The potential shadowers will make an initial request to their immediate supervisor. Before
starting any placement, the potential shadower should consider what they hope to gain from
the experience, and any learning objectives they might have.
In addition, they will need to think about how it would fit in with their general professional
development needs; questions they might want an answer to; and how it will fit in with their
It would be advisable to consider any aspects of the role the shadower may want to review, and
discuss this with their shadow coach beforehand, so that the shadowing session may be
planned accordingly.
Placement should be a minimum of a half-day and should not exceed two full working days.
Job shadowing is limited to observation only; the shadower would not be expected to offer
direct work experience, responsibility, or skills.
Before agreeing to any shadowing request, the shadower’s supervisor will need to assess the
resource implications and consider the following questions in order to determine the
appropriateness of the request:
How will it assist the employee (shadower) to carry out current role?
Will it allow for learning opportunities and professional development?
Will it help to develop a greater understanding of the role and structure of the section?
1. To participate, shadowers will need to make a request in writing to their supervisor,
using the Job Shadow Application Form (see attached). Supervisors may also suggest a
job shadow arrangement for an employee.
2. If the supervisor agrees to the request, the shadower will;
3. Seek a person to become a shadow coach and inform them of the interest.
4. Arrange mutually convenient times/dates with the shadow coach and their supervisor.
5. The shadower will then ensure all practical arrangements are made and liaise with their
shadow coach.
6. Shadowers must operate within the bounds of any departmental confidentiality policy.
7. At the end of the session, the shadower and the shadow coach will need to discuss the
experience and provide feedback. In addition, the shadower will arrange a review with
their supervisor.
Section 1. To be completed by Shadower
Position Title:
Who is the co-worker you wish to shadow?
What do you hope to gain from the experience?
How will this placement help to meet your professional developmental needs?
Are there any aspects of the role you are particularly interested in observing?
Signature _______________________________________ Date ________________________
Section 2. To be completed by Shadower’s Supervisor
Placement requested:
I approve the above placement:
Signature_______________________________________ Date _________________________
Name of designated Shadow Coach:
Date(s) of placement:
Please send a completed copy of this form to Human Resources.
_____ Shadower _____ Shadow Coach _____ Shadower’s Supervisor _____ Shadow Coach’s Supervisor