Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship
Application for the 2020-2021 School Year
Presented by the Friends of Human Relations of Santa Clara County /
Jim McEntee Legacy Committee
Nine to twelve $2,000 scholarships will be provided to Santa Clara
County community college students who will study at a four-year
university with junior year status. F1 Visa Students are not eligible.
Applications must be received by April 30, 2020.
For additional information, go to FriendsOfHumanRelations.org
Building on the legacy of
James P. McEntee, Sr.,
Director of Human Relations
for Santa Clara County, 1973-2003
“My vision is a peaceful community, with no differences among races.” – Diana Bustamante
“My personal mission is to allieviate inequalities between people of different socioeconomic classes.” – Viviane Nguyen
“I have a hope to fulfill my dreams of receiving a higher education. ” – Ruby Luna
From former scholarship recipients ...
For information or assistance on how to complete this application call Ann
McEntee at 408-833-4070, or email Veronica Mendivil at
Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship Application
For the 2020-2021 Academic Year
Eligibility for the Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship:
This scholarship fund is open solely to community college students in Santa Clara County who
are transferring this academic year to a four-year university with junior year status.
Students are encouraged to apply who have overcome obstacles to obtain a college education,
including but not limited to: racial, religious, minority and/ or immigrant status, LGBTQ,
disability, foster child, and/ or poverty. Most first year recipients are eligible for a second
year scholarship.
Applications are confidential and will be accepted during the months of February,
March, and April, 2020. Applications must be received by April 30, 2020. Recipients
will be notified no later than May 24, 2020.
Obtain at least two reference letters. One must be from an organization where you
have done volunteer work.
Obtain an official transcript from your present college and from all others previously
attended. We do not accept unofficial transcripts.
Write a personal essay (not more than 750 words) describing yourself, your family
experience, your community involvement or volunteer work you have done, your
educational and professional goals, and how these goals relate to a vision for a better
world. Why do you meet the qualifications of this scholarship?
Mail/ Drop off your application, reference letters, college acceptance letter/s, and
personal essay to the following address:
Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship
c/o Friends of Human Relations
14850 East Hills Drive
San Jose, CA 95127
Note that you may either include your sealed official transcript with the above
application material or have your college mail it directly to the above address. Do not
send any document via registered or certified mail.
Email Communication:
We will do much of our communication with you via email, so please ensure you provide us
with an email address that you use and check regularly. Please make sure your email
address is written or typed correctly and is legible.
Instructions: Complete and print the following application. Be sure to sign the form.
Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship Application
1. Information about you:
Name: ____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
Phone #: ______________________ Email: _____________________________
Date of Birth: ______________ Place of Birth: _________________________
2. Information about your Parents/Guardians:
Place of Birth:
(If retired, please state their occupation before retirement. Please don’t write “self-
employed;” clearly state their occupation.)
Place of Birth:
(If retired, please state their occupation before retirement. Please don’t write “self-
employed;” clearly state their occupation.
3. Your High School Educational Background
High School Attended: _________________________________________
4. Community College Information
Community College you are attending: ____________________________
Current GPA: __________________
Number of years at Community College (including this year): __________
5. University Information
Name of University where you have been accepted and will attend.
Please attach acceptance letter/s:
Please tell us any information or training that would be helpful to you to be successful
at your university:
Graduating class of: _________ (Year you plan to graduate)
Estimate your total expenses for next year:
Tuition and/or registration fees: __________
Books and supplies: __________
Dormitory or room & board costs: __________
Transportation costs: __________
Total estimated costs per academic year __________
6. Outside of School (use extra pages if necessary to document):
List extra-curricular activities.
List the jobs that you have held.
List any volunteer work you have done in the past.
7. Income Statement:
8. Please provide your parent's estimated gross income for FY2020:
9. Please provide your current monthly income:
10. Number of people in your immediate family:
11. Signature:
I, _____________________________ [your full name] certify that to the best of my
knowledge all the information provided to the Jim McEntee Legacy Scholarship Committee is
correct. (Any falsified information provided to the scholarship committee will result in
immediate termination of any scholarship granted and request for return of any scholarship
Signature: __________________________________
Date: __________________________________
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