This form is only to be used by Colleges once the timetable is finalised . The completed form should be returned to the
Timetable Team. The published timetable is available on the website.
Changes to the published timetable will directly affect students' planning and course choices and they require a sound
reason before being approved.
When considering changes of any sort, it is recommended that the online timetable be used to determine whether a
change is possible, and to consider the consequence of the proposed change for students.
Where changes occur with little notice, Colleges must advise all students. If rooms are changed they must put appropriate
signs on the old location to direct students to the new location, and remove them after the activity is completed.
Subject Code
Subject Title
Study Period
Person Requesting Change
1. Update/Cancellation Class Details
Class type (lecture, tutorial etc):
Weeks amend to:
New Class Size:
Proposed Location:
Duration amend to:
Week/s currently:
Class Size currently:
Location currently:
Duration currently:
Day/Time currently:
Day/Time Proposed:
Amend Staff to:
Teaching Year 2016
Request to Amend Timetable
Details of Variation for a single
instance (if a class needs to be
amended for a single week for
Please provide details of why
the change is requested and
also provide details of the
impact to students if already
2. New Class Details
Class Type (lecture, tutorial etc) :
Teaching Weeks:
Class Size:
Staff Teaching Class:
Room Attributes Required:
Approved by Signature:
Submitting the form:
The CollegeTimetable Contact or form completer is responsible for obtaining the appropriate signatures. A
signature is required from the Manager, College Operations (or their nominee) for all changes or additions to
the published timetable (except as below), please scan the completed and signed form and email to
Where changes do not impact the timetable ie a change of staff name, a change to class type (lecture changed to tutorial) or
a subject no longer being offered, the College Timetable Contact or Course/Subject Coordinator may sign this form.