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A number of subjects in your College/Division may have special timetabling requirements that are unable to be collected via
the Timetable Data Collector. These requirements still need to be reported to the Timetable Team and you can do so by
using this form. In some cases the Timetable Team will need additional information and will contact the College timetable
coordinator and/or the Subject Coordinator.
Details of Special Requirements
Activity/s Affected
Special Requirement -
Tick as applicable and
complete the questions in
the corresponding section
1. Breakout Room/s
2. Home Groups that must stay together throughout different activities
Joint activity with a topic not in your College (or Division)
Class(es) to be held in a Non JCU owned space
5. Duration change to only some classes of an activity
6. Classes required outside of normal teaching hours
Variant for Activity, Staff, Class, Location on a limited number of weeks
8. Set Day or Time requirement due to external factors
1. Breakout Rooms -
Activity/s affected?
Maximum class size per room?
Do you require certain
equipment in these
rooms? Please list:
2. Home Groups - Fill out below if you require home groups where the same students stay together in different
How many home groups:
Study Period
How many rooms are required?
Teaching weeks affected?
2016 Timetable
Special Requirements Form
Timetable Contact
9. Specialised Space set-up and breakdown
Please return Completed form to by 14 August 2015
Activities to attend:
eg home group, GLS, Clinical
Skills etc
Please Select
Clear Form Data
3. Joint Activity - What is
the Topic Code and title?
Activities to Join:
Teaching Week/s affected?
What is the max class size?
Only fill this section in if you are managing the lead topic. Please ensure you have informed the other College
of this
request. You should ensure that you have generated enough classes in the parent topic to accommodate the predicted
student numbers. If you are unsure or need assistance, please contact the Timetable Team.
4. Non-JCU Space -
Please include Campus-
Building-Room No.
Have you pre-booked this
room with the relevant
Yes No
Which day?
What is the start time?
Teaching Week/s affected?
5. Class Duration Change
Activity/s affected: ie
Lecture or Tutorial etc
Weeks affected:
6. Classes required out of normal teaching hours (8am-6pm Mon-Fri)
Maximum class size?
Start time and Day(s)?
New duration:
Class size:
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
7. Variant - A Variant is a change that will occur for only 1-2 weeks of the activity. A different room type for example.
Yes No
Does the variant affect all
classes generated?
Choose variant type.
Teaching week/s affected.
If you are unsure if you
need a variant, please
provide a short
explanation of what you
8. Set Time - Does your activity require scheduling on a set day/time due to external factors?
Does this affect all
classes in the activity?
Yes No
Please indicate the
day that is required.
Please indicate the time
Please indicate the
reason for this
10. Other - If you have a
different change that you
cannot make on the TDC
please note here. The team
will contact you for further
details if required.
If No, which class(es)?
If No, which class(s)
9. Specialised Space -
Topic Code and title?
Is this the same each week?
If 'No' what weeks?
Set-up Time (hours)
Breakdown Time (hours)
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13
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