James Cook University (JCU)
ABN 46 253 211 955
(A body corporate pursuant to the James Cook University Act 1997, whose office is situated at JCU, Townsville Campus,
Townsville 4811, in the state of Queensland)
The purpose of this document is to outline the responsibilities of both JCU and your Organisation in relation to the Placement of
Students in your Premises during the practical and/or clinical component of their studies at JCU.
[Note: A reference to Student means
one or more students, depending on the context]
Reference Schedule Schedule 1
Item 1
Host (incl ABN)
Item 2
Commencement Date (Cl.2)
Item 3
Term (Cl.2)
Item 4
Liaison Officers (Cl.1.1)
mes Cook University
Name: John Smithson
Position: Master Nurse Practitioner Course Coordinator
Postal: Nursing, Midwifery & Nutrition, James Cook
University, Townsville, Q. 4811
Telephone: (07) 4781 6963
Email: john.smithson@jcu.edu.au
Item 5
Premises (Cl.1.1)
Item 6
State (Cl. 1.1)
perational Aspects Schedule 2
Item (a)
The area of practice in which the Student is to
be placed. (Cl. 6.1 (a))
Item (b)
The learning objectives of the Placement. (Cl.
6.1 (b))
The learning activities and learning outcomes will be
defined by JCU, the Clinical Supervisors and the Student
before each clinical placement. The Student will nominate
a suitable Clinical Supervisor to supervise, develop
learning activities and assess clinical encounters.
Item (c)
The learning assessment tools (Cl. 6.1 (c))
The Student is required to complete the clinical
requirements of the course identified by James Cook
University in the Course Manual. These clinical
requirements are set down by ANMAC in the ‘Nurse
Practitioners - Standards and Criteria for the Accreditation
of Nursing and Midwifery Courses Leading to
Registration, Endorsement and Authorisation in Australia
Item (d)
The learning, clinical or skill entry point to be
achieved by the Student prior to the Placement.
(Cl. 6.1 (d))
A minimum of five years full-time equivalent (FTE) of
clinical experience as a registered nurse of which at least
three years FTE is in a relevant specialty area and one
year FTE in an advanced practice role. Employed at an
advanced nursing level (QLD NO6 or above) at a
minimum of 0.5 FTE for the duration of their studies.
Item (e)
Where “Competency Assessment Service” are
used by JCU, details of those. (Cl. 6.1 (e))
Item (f)
Dates and Times of Student attendance. (Cl.
6.1 (f))
As per ward roster
Item (g)
Student(s) Name and Email. (Cl. 6.1(g))
igned by the parties on the date set out below.
SIGNED for an on behalf of (the Host)
by an authorised officer
SIGNED for and on behalf of (JCU)
by an authorised officer
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