I, ___________________________, parent or legal guardian of _________________________,
(Print Name of Parent or Legal Guardian) (Print Name of Child)
hereby give my child express permission and consent to possess, and for my child to receive by
loan, a “BB device” as defined in Cal. Penal Code § 16250 (Cal Penal Code § 19915) to engage
in lawful recreational sport, including target practice, and/or a course of instruction in the safe
and lawful use of a “BB device”.
This consent is valid, absent my express written revocation thereof, for the calendar year of
__________. A photocopy of facsimile of this written consent will serve as an original.
(Calendar Year)
I repre
sent that I am (1) the parent or legal guardian of the minor named above and (2) not
prohibited by Federal, state, or local law from possessing a firearm. I agree to indemnify and
hold harmless the Boy Scouts of America, and any local Council and all officers, members, and
volunteers thereof, from all losses, damages, causes of action, cost and expenses, arising from
any false statements or representations made by me herein.
________________________________________ ________________________
Signature of Parent or Legal Guardian Date
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