Jackson State University Undergraduate Admissions
Admission to Jackson State University is administered in accordance with the policies established
by the Board of Trustees, State of Mississippi Institutions of Higher Learning and by the Jackson
State University Admissions and Credits Committee.
An applicant who is at least twenty-one (21) years old and does not meet the regular freshman
admission requirements may apply for admission as a non-degree seeking student.
The non-degree seeking student should enroll in a maximum of twelve (12) semester hours
during a regular term, six (6) semester hours during a summer term, or equivalent hours
for alternate terms.
To transition from non-degree-seeking to degree-seeking status, the student must
satisfactorily complete twelve (12) hours with a “C” or better average in the general
education core courses. Once admitted to a degree program, a maximum of eighteen (18)
semester hours credit earned as a non-degree-seeking student may be applied toward a
baccalaureate degree, if approved by the dean of the college or school from which the
degree is sought.
What does this mean?
Based on the academic credentials that were provided, you did not meet regular admissions
After additional review and a one-on-one consultation (via phone or in person), you were
admitted as a non-degree seeking student.
You must successfully complete 12 credit hours with a “C” or higher grade as assigned by an
academic advisor within the Division of Undergraduate Studies.
You will not be able to declare a major until you have successfully completed the required
12 hours.
You will not be eligible for Federal Financial Aid until you have successfully completed the
required 12 hours.
I understand the guidelines set forth and what will be required. I understand that I am required to
complete 12 credit hours of general studies course work as a non-degree seeking student.
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