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Title of Article :
Journal :
All Author(s)
Corresponding Author :
Corr. Author Address :
Please read notes and the full terms and conditions on the following pages, then complete, sign and return this
Agreement to the Journal’s Editorial Office.
In consideration for publication in the above Journal, you hereby assign to the owner(s) (the ‘Proprietor’) of the
Journal identified above (the Journal title subject to verification by SAGE Publishing (‘SAGE’)) copyright in your
article (‘Article’) and the accompanying abstract (all materials collectively referenced as the ‘Contribution’) prepared by
you for the full legal term of copyright and any renewals thereof throughout the universe in all languages and in all
formats, and through any medium of communication now known or later conceived or developed.
In the event you provide Supplemental Material to the Proprietor, you hereby grant to the Proprietor the non-
exclusive right and licence to produce, publish and make available and to further sub-license the material, in whole or
in part, for the full legal term of copyright and any renewals thereof throughout the universe in all languages and in all
formats, and through any medium of communication now known or later conceived or developed.
Please select the option below which applies to your Contribution. In the event of a multi-authored Contribution where more than
one of the below options apply, please sign and return separate copies of this Agreement.
The copyright to the Contribution is owned by you.
You represent and warrant that the copyright to the Contribution is owned by you.
U.S. Government department work.
You are employee(s) of the United States Government and prepared the Contribution as part of your official duties.
Please name Government Department/Agency: ____________________________________________
Other Government department work (not U.S.).
You are employee(s) of the Government of the country indicated below and prepared the Contribution as part of your
official duties.
Please name Government Department/Agency: ____________________________________________
Work made for hire for employer/Work done in the course of employment (non-government).
The Contribution was prepared by you at the direction of your employer and within the scope of your employment and
copyright in the Contribution is owned by your employer.
Company Name
Authorised Employer Representative Name
Authorised Employer Signature
he author who signs this Agreement certifies that he/she is authorized to sign on behalf of him/herself and in the
case of a multi-authored Contribution, on behalf of all other authors of the Contribution.
By signing this Contributor Agreement you agree both to the above provisions and to the Terms of the
Agreement below.
Contributor Signature
Contributor Name
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You warrant to the Proprietor and SAGE that the Contribution is your original work, that you have the full power and
authority to enter into this Agreement and to convey the rights granted herein to the Proprietor and to submit the work
for first publication in the Journal and that it is not being considered for publication elsewhere and has not already
been published elsewhere, either in printed or electronic form, that you have obtained and enclose all necessary
permissions for the reproduction of any copyright works not owned by you (including artistic works, e.g. illustrations,
photographs, charts, maps, other visual material, etc.) contained in the Contribution and any Supplemental Material
you provide and that you have acknowledged the source(s), that the Contribution and any Supplemental Material you
provide contain no violation of any existing copyright, other third party rights or any defamatory or untrue statements
and do not infringe any rights of others, and you agree to indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Proprietor and
SAGE against any claims in respect of any breach of the above warranties. You further agree to be bound by the
Terms of the Agreement provided herein as part of this Agreement which outline the circumstances under which the
Contribution may be reused.
SAGE for its benefit in accordance with the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 hereby
asserts its right to the protection of the above warranties and indemnities.
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest.
You certify that:
1. All forms of financial support, including pharmaceutical company support, are acknowledged in the
2. Any commercial or financial involvements that might present an appearance of a conflict of interest related to
the Contribution are disclosed in the covering letter accompanying the Contribution and all such potential
conflicts of interest will be discussed with the Editor as to whether disclosure of this information with the
published Contribution is to be made in the Journal.
3. You have not signed an agreement with any sponsor of the research reported in the Contribution that
prevents you from publishing both positive and negative results or that forbids you from publishing this
research without the prior approval of the sponsor.
4. You have checked in the manuscript submission guidelines whether this Journal requires a Declaration of
Conflicts of Interest and complied with the requirements specified where such a policy exists.
It is not expected that the details of financial arrangements should be disclosed. If the Journal does require a
Declaration of Conflicts of Interest and no conflicts of interest are declared, the following will be printed with your
Contribution: ‘None Declared’.
Supplemental Material.
Supplemental Material includes all material related to the Contribution, but not considered part of the Contribution,
provided to the Proprietor by you as the Contributor. Supplemental Material may include but is not limited to datasets,
audio-visual interviews including podcasts (audio only) and vodcasts (audio and visual), appendices, and additional
text, charts, figures, illustrations, photographs, computer graphics, and film footage. Your grant of a non-exclusive
right and licence for these materials to the Proprietor in no way restricts re-publication of Supplemental Material by
you or anyone authorised by you.
Publishing Ethics & Legal Adherence.
Contributions found to be infringing this Agreement may be subject to withdrawal from publication (see Termination
below) and/or be subject to corrective action. The Proprietor (and/or SAGE if SAGE is different than the Proprietor)
reserves the right to take action including, but not limited to: publishing an erratum or corrigendum (correction);
retracting the Contribution; taking up the matter with the head of department or dean of the author's institution and/or
relevant academic bodies or societies; or taking appropriate legal action.
The parties must comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (‘GDPR’) and all relevant data protection and
privacy legislation in other jurisdictions. If applicable, the parties agree to implement a GDPR compliant data
processing agreement.
SAGE’s Third Party Anti-Harassment and Bullying Policy (‘the Policy’) is designed to ensure the prevention of
harassment and bullying of all staff, interns and volunteers. You shall familiarize yourself with the Policy which is
available on the SAGE website or upon request, and you shall act in a manner which is consistent with the Policy. The
parties agree that the spirit and purpose of the Policy are upheld and respected at all times.
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Contributor’s Responsibilities with Respect to Third Party Materials.
You are responsible for: (i) including full attribution for any materials not original to the Contribution; (ii) securing and
submitting with the Contribution written permissions for any third party materials allowing publication in all media and
all languages throughout the universe for the full legal term of copyright; and (iii) making any payments due for such
permissions. SAGE is a signatory of the STM Permissions Guidelines, which may be reviewed online.
The Proprietor and SAGE, together in their absolute discretion, may determine that the Contribution should not be
published in the Journal. If in the rare circumstance the decision is made not to publish the Contribution after
accepting it for publication, then all rights in the Contribution granted to the Proprietor shall revert to you and this
Agreement shall be of no further force and effect, and neither you nor the Proprietor nor SAGE will have any obligation
to the other with respect to the Contribution.
General Provisions.
This Agreement shall be deemed to be a contract made in England and shall be construed and applied in all respects
in accordance with English law and the parties submit and agree to the jurisdiction of the English courts.
This Agreement may be executed in counterparts each of which shall be deemed the original, all of which together
shall constitute one and the same Agreement. A faxed copy or other electronic copy shall be deemed as an original.
This transaction may be conducted by electronic means and the parties authorize that their electronic signatures act
as their legal signatures of this Agreement. This Agreement will be considered signed by a party when their electronic
signature is transmitted. Such signature shall be treated in all respects as having the same effect as an original
handwritten signature. (You are not required to conduct this transaction by electronic means or use an electronic
signature, but if you do so, then you hereby give your authorization pursuant to this paragraph.)
No amendment or modification of any provision of this Agreement shall be valid or binding unless made in writing and
signed by all parties.
This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties with respect to its subject matter, and
supersedes all prior and contemporaneous agreements, understandings and representations. The invalidity or
unenforceability of any particular provision of this Agreement shall not affect the other provisions, and this Agreement
shall be construed in all respects as if any invalid or unenforceable provision were omitted.
In the event a dispute arises out of or relating to this Agreement, the parties agree to first make a good-faith effort to
resolve such dispute themselves. Upon failing, the parties will engage in non-binding mediation with a mediator to be
mutually agreed on by the parties. Any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this Agreement, or the breach
thereof, which the parties cannot settle themselves or through mediation, will be settled by arbitration.
Consent for Commercial Electronic Messages.
You hereby provide your express consent for the Proprietor, its affiliates and licensees (expressly including SAGE,
where SAGE is not the Proprietor), and their respective designees to contact you in connection with any business
communication or other correspondence. The parties agree that such consent may be withdrawn by you at a later time
by providing written notice (including by email) to the Proprietor (and/or SAGE if different than the Proprietor). This
clause shall survive expiration or earlier termination of this Agreement.
1. The authors understand that they each have the option of signing and returning a separate copy of this Agreement. This
Agreement may be signed and executed by e-mail (a scanned hard copy of the Agreement with your signature on it or a digital
original copy with your electronic signature are equally acceptable), or by traditional hard copy.
2. Government work: If the Contribution was not prepared as part of the Contributor’s official duties, it is not a Government work.
If the Contribution was jointly authored, all the co-authors must have been Government employees at the time they prepared
the Contribution in order for it to be a Government work; if any co-author was not a Government employee, then the
Contribution is not a Government work. If the Contribution was prepared under a Government contract or grant, it is not a
Government work - in such case, copyright is usually owned by the contractor or grantee.
3. If you are required to submit an addendum to this Agreement by your employer or research funding body, please make your
request via email to contracts@sagepub.co.uk indicating the name of the Journal and the title of your paper.
4. SAGE will provide the Corresponding Author of the Contribution with an electronic copy of the Contribution. For information
about how you may share and re-use the Contribution, please consult Guidelines for SAGE Authors
5. For information on copyright and permissions and SAGE’s publishing policies (including Ethics & Responsibility),
please visit the SAGE Journal Author Gateway: https://uk.sagepub.com/en-gb/eur/page/journal-author-gateway