This scholarship was established in 1998 to honor the spirit and the memory of Josh Sain, a
former national vice chief of the Order of the Arrow. This scholarship is provided to immediate
past national officers (Chief, Vice chief, or region chief), and as approved in 2005, immediate
past section chiefs, based on exceptional service and scholarship achievement. Applicants who
meet the minimum criteria are not guaranteed a scholarship.
Scholarship applicants must meet the following criteria
Be registered as a full time student in school during all your tenure as an officer;
Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 system);
Be an Eagle Scout and a Vigil Honor member;
Attend the national planning meeting, and participate in three section, regional or
national events over the last two years;
Obtain approval and recommendations of your respective adviser, (i.e national
chairman, region chairman or section adviser
Submit this application by the due date (February 1
.); and
Be an immediate past national chief or national vice chief, or region chief, or immediate
past section chief as of December 31
of the year prior to the scholarship awards. The
national chief and vice chief are region chiefs elected at the planning meeting of the
year prior to the awards are not eligible until their terms are over
The scholarship awards will be based on merit and accomplishments. National and regional
officers can receive up to $1500.00 per year, and section chiefs can receive up to $1000.00 per
The national Order of the Arrow committee expects all elected officers to stay actively enrolled
in full time academic programs, conduct themselves in a Scout-like manner and be a good
citizen, while fulfilling their responsibilities as elected officers.
1. An applicant must provide documentation from his school that he has been a full time
student during his entire term as an officer. A transcript from the applicant’s school
must accompany this scholarship application. Section Chiefs must be seniors in high
school or attending college to qualify.
2. Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 (4.0 systems).
3. Proved proof of Eagle Scout and Vigil Honor recognitions.
4. Applicants must attend the national planning meeting conducted in December prior to
the application deadline. Applicants must provide proof of attendance at three
national, regional ro section events, (i.e. National Order of the Arrow Conference, Order
of the Arrow National Jamboree staff. OA high ad venture programs, National
Leadership Seminars, section conclaves) for the last two years.
5. The Application must be completed with the required supporting documents and the
post marked no later than February 1
. The application should be submitted to: Josh
Sain Scholarship, Boy Scouts of America, Order of the Arrow, 1325 West Walnut Hill
Lane, PO Box 152079 Irving, Texas 75015-2079. Any applications post marked after
February 1
will not be accepted.
6. Applicants must secure appropriate signatures and are required to have the
endorsement of their respective program of emphasis lead adviser.
7. Upon submission and approval of the application, a determination will be made by the
recognitions and awards subcommittee of the national Order of the Arrow committee
that the applicants has fulfilled the requirements of this scholarship application. The
funds will be provided directly to the college or university prior to your enrollment.
8. A letter from the program of emphasis lead adviser will be accepted by the recognitions
and awards subcommittee. No other letter of recommendations will be accepted with
this scholarship application.
Name ________________________________________________________________________________
(Last) (First) (Middle Initial)
Age ______________________ Birth date ___________________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
(Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)
Telephone Number _____________________________________________________________________
(Area code) (Number)
Council Registration
Council Name and Number ________________________________________________________
Address _______________________________________________________________________
(Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)
Lodge Name ____________________________________________ Section _______________________
Eagle Scout ____________________________ Vigil ___________________________________
(Date) (Date)
Position held as of December 31
of last year: _______________________________________________
College / University (in which currently enrolled or making application to)
School _______________________ Year and Major ____________________ GPA ________________
Address ______________________________________________________________________________
(Street) (City) (State) (Zip Code)
List National, Regional, and Section events attended and dates:
Program of Emphasis Lead Adviser National Chairman, Region Chairman, or Section Adviser
___________________________ ______________________________________
(Signature) (Date) (Signature) (Date)
Josh Sain Memorial Scholarship Application
Describe in your own words your accomplishments as an elected officer of the Order of the