Sioux Falls School District 49-5
GRADE K-directing lawn crews
A. Education Level: High School Diploma
B. Experience Desired: None
C. Other Requirements: Must pass a test of aptitudes showing basic
knowledge of position, and subsequently be certified
by state through testing to be a licensed herbicide
and pesticide applicator. Current State Vehicle
operator’s license; ability to operate all vehicles in
the district fleet safely. Insurable. Ability to work
unsupervised. Good attendance. Ability to
communicate and follow written and oral direction.
Ability to demonstrate recognition of equipment
malfunction. Demonstrated positive attitude
towards people with whom one works, ability to work
cooperatively and willingness to accept instructions
and training.
D. Physical Requirements: Good physical health including ability to lift 75
pounds, climb to high and difficult places and work
at those places. Constant standing and walking.
Frequent hand-eye and mind-eye coordination,
bending, carrying, climbing, hearing, lifting and
stooping. Repetitive motions with wrists, hands and
fingers. Occasional crawling and crouching.
E. Working Conditions: Often subjected to extremes of cold below 32 degrees
and heat above 100 degrees. Occasionally subjected
to extreme noise, vibrations, mechanical and
electrical hazards, fumes, odors, mists, gases, dust
and poor ventilation. Occasionally use special
clothing and protective devices.
REPORTS TO: Building Principal, Custodial Manager, Plant
Maintenance Supervisor
DATE: Revised November 2009
Groundskeeper II*
1. Maintains lawns, trees, shrubs, landscaping, sidewalks, steps, entrances and keeps
other areas as determined free of snow or ice. Removes bottles, trash, paper and
cans from entire site.
2. Marks fields and sites for athletic events.
3. Maintains and repairs equipment and vehicles used. Observes and reports needed
repair of equipment, furnishings, fixtures, building and site and performs minor
4. Sweeps and dusts surfaces and furniture, removes and disposes of trash,
replenishes supplies, cleans and polishes all interior surfaces, cleans and maintains
carpets and hard surface floor coverings, moves furniture as needed.
5. Makes recommendation for supplies and equipment to Building Custodial Manager.
6. Works a revised schedule and substitutes for other custodial staff when necessary.
7. Shares responsibility for holiday, extended day and weekend activities.
8. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.
Groundskeeper I*
9. Coordinates and directs summer part-time lawn crews
10. All items listed above under Groundskeeper II above.
11. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.
*Duration to be determined annually.
I have read and understand this job description and can fulfill the essential
functions as listed, with or without reasonable accommodation.
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