Sioux Falls School District 49-5
Elementary (Afternoon)
IPC (Afternoon)
Alternative School (Afternoon)
A. Education Level: High School Diploma
B. Experience Desired: Minimum of 8 months training at the high school or
4 months high school training with minimum 1 year
prior custodial experience.
C. Other Requirements: Low pressure boiler training. Ability to work
unsupervised. Good attendance. Ability to
communicate and follow written and oral
communication. Ability to demonstrate recognition of
equipment malfunction. Demonstrated positive
attitude towards people with whom one works, ability
to work cooperatively and willingness to accept
instructions and training.
D. Physical Requirements: Good physical health including ability to lift 75
pounds, climb to high and difficult places and work at
those places. Constant hand-eye and mind-eye
coordination, standing and walking. Repetitive
motion with wrists hands and fingers. Frequent
bending, carrying, hearing, lifting and stooping.
Occasional climbing and crawling.
E. Working Conditions: Occasionally subjected to mechanical and electrical
hazards, extreme temperatures and humidity.
Atmospheric conditions occasionally include fumes
and dust. Caution necessary to avoid harm from
misuse of chemicals.
REPORTS TO: Building Principal, Business Manager (IPC),
Custodial Supervisor, Custodian Engineer
DATE: Revised November 2009
1. Sweeps, dusts, arranges furniture, empties trash and pencil sharpeners, cleans
chalkboards and sets up for activities. Washes walls, woodwork and windows, and
cleans and polishes metal surfaces. Cleans and maintains hard and soft surface
floors. Wet mops and spot cleans hard and soft surface floors. Cleans, sanitizes and
deodorizes restrooms and locker rooms.
2. Performs minor repair maintenance. Operates heating, A/C, ventilation, electrical
and mechanical systems. Operations will be limited to turning equipment on/off
and/or setting day/night cycles. Observes and reports needed repair of equipment,
furnishings, fixtures, building and site.
3. Assists in the maintenance of lawns, landscaping, concrete and blacktop surfaces
and playgrounds, including pedestrian walkways snow and ice removal.
4. Assists with set ups and tears down for school activities.
5. Operates security systems and secures building at the conclusion of shift.
6. Works a revised schedule and substitutes for other custodial staff when necessary.
7. Shares responsibility for holiday, extended day and weekend activities with other
custodial staff.
8. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.
I have read and understand this job description and can fulfill the essential
functions as listed, with or without reasonable accommodation.
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