Sioux Falls School District 49-5
208 Day Contract (10 month) Level C
A. Education Level: Master’s degree in an approved program which
qualifies for elementary principal certification with the
state of South Dakota.
B. Experience Desired: A minimum of four years’ teaching experience at the
elementary level and previous administrative or
administrator intern experience.
C. Physical Requirements: This position requires constant hand-eye/mind-eye
coordination, hearing; intermittent walking, talking,
writing. Frequent keyboarding and repetitive motions
with wrists, fingers, and hands are required.
D. Other Requirements: Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
Knowledge of the best educational practices and
effective schools research.
REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools
Assistant Superintendent - Administrative Services
Assistant Superintendent Curriculum & Instruction
DATE: Revised January 2019
1. Assumes responsibility for the administration of assigned building.
2. Assists in assignment of all staff members, including hiring of new staff.
3. Assumes responsibility for the supervision and evaluation of all employees assigned
to the building.
4. Promotes and supervises an effective instructional program which is consistent
with the District curriculum.
5. Monitors student achievement and works with the teachers to improve student
6. Provides leadership in curriculum development, implementation, and evaluation
along with other administrators.
7. Administers the building budget, requisitions needed supplies and materials in
compliance with state regulations, policies and regulations of the school board.
8. Identifies opportunities for professional growth of staff.
9. Chairs the three-year review committees and initial IEP staffing meetings.
10. Establishes and maintains good relationships with parent organizations,
community members, civic, service and professional organizations.
11. Works cooperatively with site council and other groups within the building.
12. Communicates with staff, parents, students and the community about school
activities and events.
13. Assumes responsibility for the security, safety of students and appearance of the
physical plant.
14. Performs other duties as assigned by supervisors.
A. Inside Outside Both
B. Climatic Environment:
Typically, work is conducted in a comfortable environment. Some District
classrooms and work areas are not climate controlled and are subject to
extremes of temperature and humidity.
C. Hazards:
For some buildings, stairs, and exposure to communicable diseases
may be a potential hazard. In science labs, there could be exposure to
chemicals and fumes. Equipment that supports classroom instruction could be
potentially hazardous under certain conditions.
I have read and understand this job description and can fulfill the essential
functions as listed.
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