Sessional Staff Awards for Outstanding
Contributions to Student Learning
Nomination Form
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Nomination Form must submitted to by the relevant
Associate Dean Learning and Teaching by
Monday, 31 August 2020
1. Nominee Details
Staff Number
1.a Scope of Teaching
Please indicate subjects taught, level of responsibility (including: mode of teaching - lectures, tutorials,
online - assessment and feedback techniques or numbers of students involved)
1.b Period(s) of Employment
Dean of College’s Signature:
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2. Brief Statement Supporting Nomination by Dean of College
Please limit this to ONE A4 page, and include summary (bullet points are acceptable) of supporting
evidence such as student evaluations, staff comments, contributions to college/directorate/school.
3. Please attach two written references from relevant staff members of one A4
page each. Referees must be able to comment on the nominee’s teaching and
learning activities.