JCCC Counseling Center Student Preparation Checklist
Welcome to the JCCC Counseling Center! In order to best utilize your appointment time with your Counselor, we
encourage you to go over this material before arriving. Please present this completed form to your Counselor at your
Your Name: ________________________________ JCCC Student ID #____________________________
Appointment Date and Time: _____________________________________AM/PM.
Counselor’s Name:_______________________________________________ ext. __________
A. Checklist before Meeting with your Counselor:
____ New Student Orientation (for new students only)
____ Math and English Assessment Testing (if applicable)
____ Nursing Information Session (required for new prospective JCCC Nursing applicants)
B. Questions for your Counseling Session:
1. Got questions? Prepare a list of questions for your Counselor. List them here:
C. Degree Seeking? Print out your DegreeCheck audit. If you are seeking a degree here at JCCC, this is a helpful tool.
Directions: From www.jccc.edu , Login to your MyJCCC -> Click the EASI tab -> Click on Student and Financial Aid ->
Click on DegreeCheck. To print, select the Print button on DegreeCheck. If the degree you are seeking does not
appear on the Worksheet page (first page of your DegreeCheck audit), use the “What If” option to check your status
towards the degree you’re interested in completing.
D. Transferring to JCCC? If you are transferring in from another college or university and we do not have your
transcript(s) on file at JCCC, you should bring an unofficial copy with you to your appointment. Counselors can best
advise you when they have all of your academic information.
E. Transferring after JCCC? If you are transferring to a local college, see if we have a transfer guide for your goal.
Locate the pdf version on the Counseling website or come to the Student Center and get one! You will find the
guides on our Transfer web page.
F. Got a plan? If you have met with a Counselor before and created a plan or you have some classes in mind that you
are interested in taking, please bring a copy of those with you to your appointment.
Please plan on arriving on time for your appointment. You may wish to allow yourself additional time to find parking
and checking in for your appointment. If for some reason you cannot make your appointment, please call 913-469-3809
as soon as possible to cancel or reschedule with an Administrative Assistant.