Associated Student Organization
900 Otay Lakes RoadChula Vista, CA 91910
Name of Club/Organization:
Name of Club Representative/Originator:
Name of Club/Organization Advisor:
Date of Club/ASO Meeting:
Meeting Minutes Attached Yes No
It is the desire of the aforementioned club/organization to contract with the contractor for special services. These
services must be congruent with the educational purpose of Southwestern College.
I. Service to be rendered by contractor:
Contracted Amount:
$ ________________________________
II. Payment to be made by the Financial Services Office
In consideration of the service to be rendered by the contractor, the District agrees to pay the contractor within 30
days upon receipt of invoice and properly executed check request voucher.
Southwestern College reserves the right to void this contract up to 48 hours prior to performance of stated
III. The period covered by this agreement:
BEGINS: Date ____________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________
. .
TERMINATES: Date ____________________________________________ Time: ______________________________________________
I hereby certify that I am not an employee of the District,
will I receive payment for the same service
days of
service by any other public agency. I also agree that this contract
does not make
me an employee of the college nor
entitle me to employee benefits, including worker’s compensation. I further understand that I am responsible for all,
any, income taxes on this compensation.
District is not responsible for payment, worker’s compensation and tort liability, if any, to/for members/associates
that may be employed by contractor in performance of this agreement. (Example: musical performances and other
artistic groups where only the agent signs the agreement.)
Name of Contractor: ____________________________________________________ Signature: ___________________________________________________
Business Name: ________________________________________________________________ Email: __________________________________________________
Check Payable to: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Address: _________________________________________________________________________Phone Number: _______________________________________
Approved by Director of Student Activities: Date:
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