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Updated August 2018
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For assistance please contact in priority order:
Stephen Sebastyan Ext. 3345, Room 500A
Ray Nielsen Ext. 3141
Ivrene Shortt Ext. 3914
Reception Ext. 0
Invigilation Guidelines
Invigilator(s) will be present and attending to/observing student conduct during the entire exam.
Candidates shall not communicate with one another in any manner during the examination.
Should a student be observed cheating during an exam (refer to Academic Integrity Policy), the Invigilator
may remove the examination paper from the student immediately. Any unauthorized material observed in
the student’s possession shall be confiscated by the Invigilator(s) immediately and included with
documentation of the incident.
The Invigilator shall inform the student that the incident will be reported to the Program Communication
For students that have exam accommodations that include washroom breaks, the invigilator is advised that
while the student is in the washroom to confirm the safety of the student with a verbal check at the
washroom door every 5 minutes if necessary.
During the examination, the Invigilator(s) may indicate the elapsed time and may indicate when 10 minutes
is remaining until the completion of the examination. Indication can be made clearly on a blackboard or
overhead projector or by making an announcement.
At the conclusion of an examination all writing will cease. The invigilator may refuse to accept the papers of
candidates who fail to observe this requirement.
Invigilators will complete an Examination Invigilation report at the end of each examination and deposit it
with the SSN Coordinator.