Introduction to Education Application page 1
To address the teacher shortage in Minnesota, Southwest Minnesota State University will be accepting a limited number of
schools to offer an Introduction to Education course through concurrent enrollment. The overall goal is to spark the interest of a career
in Education early in the students’ experience. This course will be offered in the 2018-2019 school year. This opportunity is geared
towards, but not limited to, American Indian students and students of color. As a result of partial funding from the Minnesota
Department of Education, this course will be offered at a 50% tuition reduction. High schools will be chosen based on a set of criteria
from this application. If interested, please complete the required application about your school and the teacher who would be teaching
the course for consideration. The completed application is due Friday, March 23, 2018. This course is not guaranteed; schools will be
selected and notified no later than April 6
School Information
School Address________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip________________________________________________________________________________
School Phone____________________________ School Fax____________________________________________
Principal Name (Print)______________________________ Principal Email_______________________________
Principal Signature__________________________________ Date_______________________
When do you hope to offer this course: Fall 2018 or Spring 2019 (Circle one)
The following questions apply to the high school student body (grades 9-12):
Total Student Body Size____________
Percentage Students of Color % Percentage of Free and Reduced Lunch %
First Generation Students % Percentage American Indian Students %
Please continue to page 2 of application
Questions: Contact Hannah Kuno, College Now Education Coordinator at 507-537-6079 or
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Introduction to Education Application page 2
Teacher Information
Minimum requirements: Master’s Degree in Education and minimum of three years teaching experience in K12
Home Address________________________________________________________________________________
City, State, Zip________________________________________________________________________________
Home Phone__________________________ Direct School Phone/Extension_____________________________
Email Address________________________________________________________________________________
Summer Email________________________________________________________________________________
Date of Birth (required): ______________________ Total years of teaching high school_____________________
Undergraduate Degree Received__________________________________________________________________
Undergraduate Institution(s) attended______________________________________________________________
Graduate Institution(s) attended (Transcripts Required*)_______________________________________________
Graduate degree completion date___________________ Teacher Signature______________________________
Please make sure that all the following required paperwork is included for a complete application:
Introduction to Education Application page 1
Introduction to Education Application page 2
Teacher Resume
Teacher Graduate Transcripts*
Teacher Personal Letter of Interest
*Unofficial transcripts are accepted for the initial review. Official Transcripts or copies of Official Transcripts sent directly from your
district office with accompanying Authorization for Release of Private Data form will be required upon school approval.
Application due March 23
, 2018
Fax this application: College Now Program (507) 537-6472
Mail this application: College Now, SMSU, 1501 State Street, Marshall, MN 56258
This program is made possible with funding from the Minnesota Department of Education.
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