ASI Seattle Colleges Staff and Faculty Survey
In 2017, Seattle Colleges established the Achieving System Integration (ASI) process to focus on
improving Seattle Colleges’ efficiency, effectiveness, and competitiveness as a system. Part of the
ASI process is reviewing our progress in order to inform our next steps. The Educational Policy
Institute (EPI) was hired through a competitive process to conduct the ASI review.
This survey is designed to give you an opportunity to provide feedback and suggestions on current
progress and accomplishments as well as identify possible areas for consideration during ASI
Phase II. We are asking that you please take the time to complete this brief questionnaire in order
to inform future decision-making by the district. The survey should take no longer than 10 minutes.
The survey is open for one week and will close on September 27.
The content of this survey is strictly confidential. No names or other identifiable information will be
provided to Seattle Colleges. If you are interested in sharing additional confidential information with
the EPI research team, you may do so by contacting me directly at
We will also be conducting a listening tour at each of the colleges September 30 and October 1.
Thank you again for taking the time to complete this important survey.
Dr. Watson Scott Swail
President and Senior Research Scientist
Educational Policy Institute
Background Information
ASI Seattle Colleges Staff and Faculty Survey
1. I work at:
North Seattle College
Seattle Central College
South Seattle College
Seattle Colleges District Office
2. My status is:
Exempt – Administrative, Executive (e.g., chancellor, presidents, vice chancellors, vice presidents)
Exempt – Administrative, Management (e.g., directors, deans, division/department chairs, administrative assistants)
Exempt - Professional Staff AFT-SPS (e.g., managers, specialists, coordinators)
Full-Time Faculty (teaching and non-teaching)
Part-Time Faculty (teaching and non-teaching)
Student Worker
Other (please specify)
3. My division is:
Student Services
Other (please specify)
4. My primary role is in:
Academic, instruction
Advancement, development
Advising, counseling
Communications, marketing
Continuing education
Diversity, equity, inclusion
Finance, accounting
Financial aid
Information technology
Institutional research
Professional/technical programs
Web services
Other (please specify)
5. I have worked at Seattle Colleges for:
1-2 years
3-5 years
6-10 years
11-20 years
Over 20 years
6. What is your gender?
Transgender, male-to-female
Transgender, female-to-male
Genderqueer or gender nonconforming
7. What sex were you assigned at birth?
8. My race (Check all that apply)
Black or African American
American Indian or Alaska Native
Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
9. My ethnicity:
Hispanic or Latino
NOT Hispanic or Latino
Questions About Seattle Colleges and ASI
ASI Seattle Colleges Staff and Faculty Survey
10. What do you see as the greatest strengths of Seattle Colleges?
11. What are the most concerning challenges facing Seattle Colleges?
Strongly disagree Disagree
Neither agree nor
disagree Agree Strongly agree
I am knowledgeable
about ASI.
The student experiences
of Seattle Colleges
programs and services
have improved since
ASI started.
North Seattle, Seattle
Central, South Seattle,
and the District Office
are working better
together now than when
ASI started.
Please provide any details or information about your responses above.
12. To what extent do you agree with the following statements:
The following questions are about the ASI Phase I activities. They are described as follows:
1. Commencement Ceremony (commencement planning, implementation, communications)
2. Common Areas of Study (limited set of academic and career topics students choose to plan their educational experience)
3. Corporate Training (customized instruction at company worksites or online)
4. Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (planning, staffing, programming, instruction, research, community engagement)
5. Foundation Integration (consolidation and coordination of the district and colleges foundations)
6. HR Integration (hiring, onboarding, performance, professional development)
7. Information Technology (IT Help/Support, phone, applications, WiFi, security, desktop support)
8. Seattle Pathways (ensuring students select an academic/career path, stay on a path, and learn; vision, areas of study,
advising structures, placement, technology)
9. Seattle Promise (a partnership with the City to provide tuition and student service supports for high school graduates)
10. Starfish Success Solutions (student success technology platform to facilitate student advising, retention, and
11. Website Integration (website platform, structure, content)
satisfied Moderately satisfied Very satisfied Extremely satisfied
I Don't
Commencement Ceremony
Common Areas of Study
Corporate Training
Equity, Diversity and Inclusion
Foundation Integration
HR Integration
Information Technology
Seattle Pathways
Seattle Promise
Starfish Success Solutions
Website Integration
Please provide any details or information about your responses above.
13. For the following Phase I areas, please rate your satisfaction with progress to date.
14. What parts of the ASI do you think are helpful for the colleges as well as faculty, staff, and students?
15. What parts of the ASI, if any, concern you?
There is currently a discussion of what should come next for ASI. The following is a list that has been developed for consideration for
the Phase II portion of ASI. They are described as follows:
1. Communication (internal and external communications, strategy, messaging, stakeholder/audience analysis)
2. One Single Accreditation (Integrating the three colleges for one singular accreditation)
3. Continuing Education (skill development, personal interest, job training)
4. Distance Learning (online learning, e-learning)
5. Grants (grant proposal writing, grant management)
6. Institutional Research and Planning (strategic planning, research, accreditation, data governance and use)
7. International Programs (structures and programs to serve international students)
8. Recruitment and Marketing (outreach to prospective students, advertising)
Not Possibly Probably Definitely
I Don't
One Single Accreditation
Continuing Education
Distance Learning
Institutional Research and Planning
International Programs
Recruitment and Marketing
Please provide any details or information about your responses above.
16. Please rate whether you think these possible areas should be considered for Phase II ASI activities.
Not important
important Important Very important I Don't Know
Improving our financial
Differentiating the three
Reducing program
redundancy between the
three colleges
Increasing efficiency from
point of view
Integrating the three
colleges and academic
Reducing administrative
redundancy and
duplication across
Improving student
retention and success
Reducing the cost to
students and families
Creating System-Wide
Key Performance
Indicators (KPIs)
Please provide any details or information about your responses above OR other thoughts about possible future options.
17. Please rate these issues in their degree of importance:
Thank you for taking the time to complete this important survey for Seattle Colleges. If you have any questions please contact us at