Internet/Computer Usage Policy
Prohibited Sites
Non-Employees/Non-Students shall use the Internet and electronic mail for appropriate business related purposes only. Certain websites
are absolutely prohibited at all times, such as sites containing pornography or advocating discriminatory, hateful or violent actions. The
receipt or transmission of obscene, illegal, violent, discriminatory or other information that may result in harassment or defamation are strictly
forbidden at all times.
Personal Use during Business Hours
Access of non-business web-sites or use of e-mail for personal use during business hours is discouraged and may result in lost privileges. The
College system shall not be used to circulate or forward jokes, inspirational material, or other business non-college related items. Mass e-
mailings, even for College-related messages, are rarely appropriate and solicitations are strictly prohibited. Whether a Non-Employee/ Non-
Student has abused the College’s authorization for internet access is determined by the college.
Expectation of Privacy
Internet communications should not be expected to remain private and confidential. Computers and related equipment are College property
provided for each Non-Employees/Non-Students legitimate business use. All messages sent on electronic and telephone communication
systems provided by the College remain the property of the organization. As such, the College reserves the right to access, intercept, and
disclose the content of any message or deleted message with or without permission, prior or otherwise. The Non-Employee/Non-Student
does not have any expectation of privacy or preservation in any e-mail messages or their content in any aspect of any computer system
provided, owned or controlled by the College.
Inappropriate Material or Messages
E-mail and the Internet shall not be used to communicate, forward, duplicate, or retrieve any discriminatory, offensive, disruptive, obscene,
sexually oriented, inflammatory, violent, or otherwise inappropriate material or messages. Such material or messages shall not be uploaded,
downloaded, stored, sent, or received from or using any component of any computer system provided, owned or controlled by the College.
E-mail, the Internet, and any component of any computer system provided, owned or controlled by the College shall not be used to harass
or stalk any person or group or to create or contribute to a discriminatory or hostile work environment. Non-Employees/Non-Students are
required immediately to report any activity that violates this policy to a supervisor or the persons designated to receive and investigate
harassment claims.
Access Codes and Passwords
All access codes and passwords are to be kept strictly confidential. Non-Employees/Non-Students should not provide access or passwords
to any outside party. Confidential information should never be transmitted over the Internet without proper encryption. All software must
be used in accordance with its license agreements and copyrights. No software may be loaded, downloaded or copied without first obtaining
the permission of the College. No Non-Employee/Non-Student shall use College equipment or facilities knowingly to download or distribute
pirated software or data. The College data and databases are private and confidential. No College databases or data may be uploaded or
otherwise transferred to persons or entities outside the College without the prior written approval from the Network Services Manager in
Information Technology Services.
Consistent with the College’s ownership of its computers and servers, no Non-Employee/Non-Student has any expectation of privacy in
any file or document stored, modified, or created on a College-owned computer, server, or similar device. Whenever a Non-Employee/Non-
Student leaves the College for any reason, all files of the Non-Employee/Non-Student on College computers or servers, including, without
limitation, email and files or documents on any drives, may be duplicated onto discs for storage, use and reference.
Reporting to the System Administrator
If any pornographic or unsolicited material appears or pops up on your computer screen, notify the Help Desk immediately. Do not open
email or attachments to emails unless the sender is known and the Non-Employee/Non-Student is certain that neither the message nor the
attachments are contaminated with a virus. Do not load or download any program or software without proof of a license.
Removal of Access, HR
Human Resources may from time to time or at any time direct that a Non-Employee/Non-Student be removed from access to some or all
of the College’s computer system. The Non-Employee/Non-Students shall not be permitted to have some or all of the access returned
without the prior express written approval of Network Services Manager in Information Technology Services or Executive Director in
Human Resources.
Non-Employee / Non-Student
Version 20180606-01
I acknowledge that I have received, read and understand the Internet/Computer Usage Policy of the Community College of
Allegheny County (CCAC) effective April 7, 2005. I represent and agree that I will abide by CCAC’s Internet/Computer
Usage Policy.
I further understand and agree that this Acknowl
edgment and a copy of my Driver’s License will be placed on file in
Information Technology Services and Human Resources and will become a permanent part thereof.
________ ______________________ _____________ ___
Computer User (Print name clearly) Computer User (Signature) Birthdate Date
Responsible CCAC Administrator: Please complete all fields; empty fields may result in a delay to access being granted.
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Department Campus/Center/Location Computer User’s Assigned Colleague ID#
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Will this person be present on campus? No Yes
Email account requested? No Yes
Blackboard Account requested? No Yes
Account Activation Date Requested
Account Expiration Date
Explain why this privilege is needed and approved: i.e. what service does the user perform:
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Responsible CCAC Administrator Responsible CCAC Administrator Date
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Campus President/Vice President and Chief Information Officer Authorization Required:
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