Application Form for International Travel Funds
for Graduate Student Thesis Field Research
in the Social Sciences and Humanities
Updated: February 2015
The Faculty of Graduate Studies and Research has been given permission to utilize a portion of the
University’s SSHRC General Research Fund for a two-year period (from 2015-2016 to 2016-2017) to
support field research travel for full-time graduate students working in SSHRC-eligible disciplines.
These travel funds will be allocated by the Awards Committee of the Faculty of Graduate Studies and
Research to applicants who will be carrying out research activities towards their Masters or PhD theses
in international settings (outside of the United States of America and Canada).
Graduate Program Coordinators (GPC) will be notified of the availability of travel support for graduate
students conducting their thesis fieldwork outside of Canada and the United States of America. The
maximum support provided to a single student during their program will be $2,000. The intention of the
award is to cover return transportation costs (air, train and bus travel) only.
Applications are due at the respective GPC on March 15 of each year. The GPC will submit the
applications with recommendations to the FGSR Office by April 1 of each year.
Travel funds must be utilized within 12 months of being awarded. If unused during that time period, the
funds return to the pool for the subsequent year’s allocation.
Application Procedures and Selection Criteria:
1. Within, and as attachments to, the application form, the applicants must
provide an up-to-date Saint Mary’s University transcript;
provide a letter from the Graduate Program Coordinator indicating the stage of the
applicant within their Program (normally all coursework should be completed);
provide a summary (two pages, single spaced) of the research objectives, protocol, and
outcome and other necessary instruments for successfully completing field research,
including identifying and contacting necessary local contacts, prior to leaving for thesis
fieldwork abroad . Within the summary, the applicant should also indicate how the field
research is necessary/linked to fulfilling the thesis objectives.
indicate that he/she is prepared to embark upon their field research within six (6) months
of having been identified as an awardee of the Travel Funds; and
not be a recipient of any other grants or awards in support of the travel in excess of
2. Completed applications will be received and evaluated initially by each of the respective GPC.
3. The GPC will rank the applicants in terms of the merit of each application. Merit is here
understood as cogency of the proposed field research, its potential for advancing knowledge in
the graduate student’s area of research, and its relevance to international activities as detailed in
the University’s 2012-2017 Academic Plan.
4. Each GPC will then forward the applications and the ranked list of applicants to FGSR for
consideration by the FGSR Awards Committee.
5. The FGSR Awards Committee will evaluate all applications from across the Faculty; however, it
shall not alter the ranking of the candidates from within a program with regard to their merit, as
this has been determined by those closest to the candidate’s work.
6. Amount of awards will be the amount the student has requested for eligible expenses up to the
maximum amount of $2,000 (i.e. an all-or-nothing strategy; awarding many small awards below
what the student has requested is to be avoided).
7. Awardees must complete and submit a Graduate Research Hazards Assessment Form (available
at: before travel
and attend a pre-departure briefing from the International Activities Office (contact
8. Awardees must also follow the SMU Administration Policies and Procedures on Travel,
including submission of receipts, boarding passes and a Travel Expense Report (contact the
FGSR for SMU’s Policies and Procedures on Travel).
International Travel Funds for Graduate Student Thesis Field Research
Section I Applicant Details
Student I.D. #:
Intended Destination:
I acknowledge that if I am successful, I must receive approval of a Graduate Research Hazards Assessment and
attend a pre-departure briefing from the International Activities Office before traveling.
Applicant’s Signature:
Section II Required Information
Current Official Transcript
Letter from Graduate Program Coordinator
Summary of Research Objectives, Protocol and Outcome
Section III Estimated Costs (transportation only; e.g. air and ground travel) or attach budget
Amount of Request
Other funding secured to defray the cost of travel (must not exceed $3,000).
List additional sources of funding you have applied for and/or received to defray travel costs
List all sources of funding you have received to support your graduate program (i.e. fellowships,
scholarships, teaching assistantships, etc)
Section IV Approval Yes No Amt $___________________
Chair, Graduate Program Coordinator
Reason, if not approved
Dean, Graduate Studies and Research
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