International Travel
Faculty Conference/Travel Supplemental Form*
Funding is competitive and the amount available to be awarded varies from year to year. Maximum funding per
faculty member is $1,000 per year.
Name: ___________________________________ Date: _____________________
Department: ____________________ Ext. _______ __ fulltime __ part/time
Name of conference/professional activity (include the name of the sponsoring organization:
Date(s) of attendance and location: _________________________________________________
Please attach a copy of brochure or meeting announcement.
Briefly describe the significance of your professional development activity and how it will engage your faculty
Amount of funding for this trip approved by FDC: _________________
Estimated cost of this trip: _____________
Amount requested from the international travel fund: _______________
Chairperson’s recommendation: I approve this request and have discussed the coverage of classes and other
faculty responsibilities with this faculty member.
Date: __________ Chairperson’s signature: ___________________________ Department ______________
*This form is a supplement to normal requests through FDC and addresses the higher costs of international
Status of pending request
Date received: __________________ Date of trip: ____________________
Not approved ______ Approved _____
Level of funding _____________
Provost’s signature: ______________________________________
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