International Student Verification
of Financial Support
2 01905-042
This form is to be completed by all international students who have been accepted to study at Northern Essex Community College (NECC)
and who require a student visa (F-1). This form is not an application for admission, but is required to declare your nancial resources during
your stay. The Form I-20, which is used to obtain your F-1 student visa, cannot be issued without submission of this form.
In addition to completing this form, the applicant’s nancial sponsor, parent, or guardian, must provide an ocial letter from a
bank in English certifying that the sponsor has sucient funds, in U.S. dollars, to pay for at least one year of study at NECC.
Estimated Costs Per Academic Year Attending NECC (2 semesters – 12 credits per semester) is $24,570*.
Tuition and Fees - $11,972 Books - $1,400
Health Insurance - $2,390 Living Expenses - $8,808
Estimate for Dependents:
Spouse - $4,404
Child - $2,202
* Rates will change for 2020-2021 academic year when set by the Board of Trustees. The updated rates will be reected on the bill.
This form must be completed by the student and his/her nancial sponsor and returned to the International Student Oce.
PART I: Student Information
Name ______________________________________________________________________________________
Last First
I certify that all information submitted regarding my nancial support is complete and accurate to the best of my knowledge.
Furthermore, I agree to assume all nancial responsibilities should my source(s) of funding be interrupted or stopped.
Student ’s Signature _____________________________________________________ Date ________________________________________
Part II: Sponsor Information
Name ______________________________________________________________________________________________
Last First
Address_ ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________
Ci t y/ St ate / Pr ov i nce __________________________________ P os t al Co d e_________________ C o u n tr y _______________________________
P h o n e_________________________________ Relationship to Applicant_______________________________________________________
I agree to pay the cost of attendance at Northern Essex Community College for the student listed above. I certify that all
information provided for verication of nancial support is complete and accurate.
Sponsors Signature _____________________________________________________ Date ________________________________________
International Student Oce | 100 Elliott Street | Haverhill, MA 01830 | Phone: 978-556-3726
Fax: 978-738-7450 | Email:
2019-2020 Academic Year
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