1) Complete top portion of this form.
2) The international student advisor at your current school completes the bottom portion and emails a scanned copy of this
completed form to
To be Completed by Student
Name: Birthdate:
Current student ID number: School/Dept:
Degree sought at ENMU:
I hereby grant permission for the information requested to be forwarded to ENMU.
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To be Completed by Designated School Official (DSO) or Alternate Responsible Officer (ARO)
In accordance with USCIS regulations, we request that you complete the following section and email a scanned copy to so we may transfer the students SEVIS record. Please transfer the record to Eastern New Mexico
University, school code ELP214F00300000: Ofce of International Programs
ENMU Station 2
1500 S Ave K
Portales, NM, 88130
What is the student’s nonimmigrant status? q F-1 q J-1
If J-1 please provide: Program number: Sponsor:
Length of time in the U.S.
Category marked in Number 4 on the DS-2019 form?
To the best of your knowledge, is this student in good standing based on CIS (formerly INS) regulations? q Yes q No
If no, please explain:
Student’s SEVIS ID? Student’s SEVIS transfer release date?
Is the information above completed by the student correct? q Yes q No
What semester/quarter did/will the student last complete study at your institution?
Institution name: Phone:
Institution mailing address:
City State ZIP
DSO or ARO printed name DSO or ARO signature Date
WN1112 • 12/17
International Student Transfer
Oce of International Programs | ENMU Station 2 | 1500 S Ave K | Portales, NM 88130
Administration Building (ADM), Room 216 | Phone: 575.562.4698
International Programs