International Student Financial Support Information
Tuition and registration fees are due and payable at the time of registration. There are no scholarships, loans, or financial
aid available for international students. Please provide verification of financial support for a minimum of one academic
year (indicate amounts in U.S. currency).
Student Name:
Last First Middle
My expenses will be provided from:
□ Personal Savings of: $_____________________. Please provide a letter from the bank verifying available funds.
□ Private/Family Support. Please have your sponsor fill-out the section below.
Name of Sponsor: ______________________________ Relationship to Student: _____________________________
Residence Address: ________________________________________________ City: _________________________
State or Province: ________________________Zip Code: ___________ Home Phone Number: _________________
I am employed as __________________________________ with ________________________________________
Job Title Company Name
at and derive a net annual income of U.S. $ per year.
Location (city/country)
I certify that I will provide the above-named student the minimum fund as required and specified by Santa Ana College
itemized annual expenses while he/she attending Santa Ana College (Please provide a letter from the bank verifying
available funds).
I hereby guarantee without reservation to support the education cost and living expenses (tuition and fees, room and
board, health insurance, travel and personal expenses) for the aforementioned student while she/he is enrolled at
Santa Ana College. I understand that the applicant, if accepted, will be a full-time student who may not accept off-
campus employment as specified by the Department of Homeland Security and Immigration Services.
Date: Sponsor’s Signature:
My signature certifies the accuracy and completeness of the information provided. I understand that any
misinterpretation may be cause for denial or cancellation of admissions or enrollment.
Date: Applicant’s Signature:
College student living independently must be guaranteed $22,527.00 in financial support; student whose room and
board is provided by local sponsor must also guarantee a minimum of $10,527.00.
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