International Student
Certication of Finances
is form is NOT an application for nancial assistance. e U. S. Embassy and e Citizenship and Immigration Services requires you
to certify that sucient funds are available for your academic and living expenses for at least one academic year. Proof of funding may
include copies of bank statements or an ocial letter from a banking institution showing the amount of funds available. Emailed or
faxed copies of the form and proof of funding are accepted.
Although a decision on your application may be made without submitting the nancial documentation, we are unable to issue the
certicate of eligibility (Form I-20/DS-2019) without the nancial documentation. is form must be presented to the American
Consulate or embassy in your country in order to obtain an F-1/J-1 visa.
Family First Middle
I understand that I am required by U.S. immigration law to provide Utica College with adequate documentation indicating that I have
sucient funds to cover my studies in the United States. I certify that the information on this form is true, correct, and complete.
Signature of Student Date
Please complete and submit the following information:
. F/S’ S: I am aware of the cost of an education at Utica College and I assume nancial responsibility for
the expenses of (print students name) ____________________________________________________________________________
Sponsor’s Signature ________________________________________________ Date ______________________________________
Sponsor’s Name ___________________________________________________ Relationship to Applicant _____________________
Sponsor’s Address _________________________________________________ Phone _____________________________________
Email ___________________________________________________________ Fax _______________________________________
. F S D
You must provide the following information showing the estimated cost of your program:
Submit a letter from your bank or bank statements stating that you or your sponsor have sucient funds to support your costs at Utica
College. e nancial documents must be dated within six months of application submission to be considered valid. Each individual
contributing nancially to your education must complete this form and submit an ocial dated bank statement. In case of jointly held
accounts, each individual holder must complete this form.
If applying for the issuance of a DS-2019, a detailed letter on department letterhead indicating the dollar amount and dates of the
award. If a stipend is included, the exact amount must be specied. If possible, itemize amounts of tuition, living expenses, health
insurance, etc. provided in the award. If receiving nancial support from an employer, government agency or organization, a detailed
letter from the sponsor indicating the exact dollar amount being provided, in U.S. funds. is letter must be on ocial letterhead and
include the dates of sponsorship.
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