Below is the estimated expense of attending ENMU for one academic year (two semesters). All costs are shown
in U.S. Dollars. All fees are subject to change without prior notice.
Estimated Graduate Student Expenses for One Academic Year (Fall 2020/Spring 2021)
Tuition and fees $7,110
Room and board (off campus) $13,670
Books, health insurance, misc. expenses $3,000
Total: $23,780
Funding Sources
This section is to be completed by the student. All blanks should be lled in even if the amount contributed is $0.
All funding listed on this form must be accompanied by an ofcial bank statement. ENMU reserves the right to
request verication of all bank statements. Failure to submit an ofcial bank statement may result in a delay in the
student’s admission.
Personal: Amount:
Your name
Institution or organization: Amount:
Government agency: Amount:
Family member or friend: Amount:
Family member/friend name
Family member/friend name
ENMU: Amount:
Graduate assistantship (part/full-time)
Total of Funding Sources must be equal or greater than the total expenses listed in the Estimated Expenses table above. Total:
Signature and Acknowledgement
By signing below, I certify the total funding sources listed above are available for each academic year I will be attending
Eastern New Mexico University. I am aware the expenses listed above are an estimate and are subject to change without
Student name Student signature Date
Parent, guardian, or sponsor name Parent, guardian, or sponsor signature Date
International Graduate Student Declaration of Finance
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